Overnight Oats in a Jar

I have been waiting so long for this day…Overnight Oats in a Jar..aka…OOIAJ.

The blogosphere LOVES Overnight Oats, especially Tina, Kath, and Angela… my three favorite bloggers :) I am always tempted to make OOIAJ because they rave about how creamy your oats get and how easy it is to make. I guess you could say I am pretty biased to hot oats, because that’s all I’ve ever had! As my infatuation with oatmeal grows, I figured I should take advantage of my almost-empty jar of pb, and step out of my comfort zone a little. Lone behold…OOIAJ.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats in a Jar
*I used an almost-empty jar of pb (~ 1/2T pb left)

-1/5 C oats
-2T oat bran
-1T peanut flour
-1/2T Chia Seed Meal (or flax seed)
-1 C water (or almond/skim/soy milk)
*You can add a sweetener such as maple syrup, brown sugar, or honey
Toppings: Sliced nanner and raisins

Directions: First, mix dry ingredients in an almost-empty jar of peanut butter. Then, add water or milk and give it a stir. Place the jar in the fridge overnight or for at least 2 hour depending on your time frame!

When I pulled my oats out of the fridge this morning, there was still about 2T water on top, so I dumped the remaining water out and gave my oats a stir. I couldn’t believe the creaminess! Next time I make OOIAJ, I’ll use a clear jar, so you can see what I’m talkin’ bout!

My final conclusions about Overnight Oats are….1) they are super convenient if you are on a time crunch in the morning 2) they are a nice change up to hot oats…especially on a hot summer day 3) There is still nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of oats right off of the stove, but….OOIAJ are a close runner up!

Happy Hump Day Foodies!!

MPLS is under another winter weather advisory. More snow. Is it summer yet??

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  1. says

    Lee, this sounds so amazing. You make me proud as your past health teacher. That is amazing you blog every day I know how time consuming that must be.

  2. says

    I made these overnight oats last night and finally got to try them this morning. They are AMAZING! Your blog has deepened my obsession with oatmeal (if that’s possible!) It’s inspired me to change up my everyday oatmeal.

    Also, I seriously love your blog! I literally read through months of your posts on a 7 hour road trip through Texas the other day. I will def be making more of your recipes! Thank you so much :)

    Anyways, I hope you have a lovely Thursday!

    xo, katherine

    • says

      kay you totally just made my day…SERIOUSLY. I am so glad oatmeal changed your life…because it changed mine! I started reading healthy living blogs (Katheats.com) about 4 years ago…and I haven’t turned back since. Thank for your comment, I appreciate the support :)

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