Pomegranate Parfait + Updates

Remember when I was on a pomegranate kick back in November (Pomegranate Baked Oatmeal and Pom Protein Smoothie)? Well, I hard time opening the pomegranate. AKA I got red juice EVERYWHERE. I finally figured out that there is a science to prying these bad boys open! Head on over to AnytimeHealth.com to check out my latest blog post: 5 Simple Steps to Peeling a Pomegranate…It also has the recipe for this gorgeous Healthy Pomegranate Parfait:

Anyways, I feel like I haven’t updated you on my life in a while. For starters…the semester ends TOMORROW! Oh em gee is right. Classes will officially be over and then it’s finals week. I however, do not have any final exams. Mine are all paper based, which is why I am heading home to Milwaukee on FRIDAY! Hopefully I can stay on track and write my three finals papers before I start on this list of things…

Lee’s epic plan for winter break is as followed:
1. Read Hunger Games
2. Find a good recipe for Gluten Free Pizza
3. Go to Chicago for Christmas and Hanukkah
4. Go skiing in Michigan post Christmas
5. Redesign my blog
6. Update my resume
7. Take an annoying amount of pictures of my parent’s new puppy
8. Practice teaching Yoga Sculpt x1000 times
9. Burn off all of the holiday food I will consume over the next 3 weeks
10. Spend quality time with my family :)

I am not sure if I have ever shared with you guys, but….I get to celebrate Christmtmukkah. (fact: my sister and I made up this word LONG before The OC) My dad’s side is Jewish and my mom’s side is Catholic…hence why my family celebrates both. Notice how I say celebrate. To me, the “holiday season” aka Christmukkah is more about being with my family, being thankful, and happy, than about anything else. I am going to leave it at that 😉

Anyways, I also wanted to share some of my favorite holiday food’s that I am looking forward to! My mom’s side is Italian, and so every year we make homemade pizzas at my grandparents. This year, I am going to attempt a GF crust, so if you have any good recipes, let me know! I am also excited about Pizzelle (not gf, but damn good) Cookies. They were my Italian great grandmother’s specialty, so each year my grandma makes them in memory of her. Last but not least, I can not wait for our Christmas Eve dinner. We celebrate it with The Feast of 7 Fishes. It is another Italian tradition, check out this LINK to learn more about it.

Also…here is a little blast from the past…Vintage.
It’s Tradition 12.25.2010
Best Gift Ever 12.26.2010
Cinnamon Cashew Butter 12.27.2011

And I shall leave you with a video..


What is your plan for this holiday season?

What is your favorite holiday food?

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    Hi Lee…really HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you! I hope you have a great time at home and you achieve all your goals – I’m sure you will. I agree completely that Christmas is all about quality time at home and happiness. I love your blog, you inspire me to live healthier! Happy holidays!!

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