The 20’s Cardio Warm-Up

This warm-up is for all of the treadmill/cardio machine haters out there. Or for those that don’t have time to make it to the gym. Or for the peeps that don’t have access to machines at home. Or for travel bunnies, can you say hotel warm up?! 

A warmup fit for all, is what it is! 

I call it The 20’s Cardio Warmup.

It’s a circuit based warmup that will help you beat boredom and get your heart rate up prepping your body for the workout to come. Each round is 1 minute long and consists of 5 exercises. Do as many rounds as you’d like until your body is warm and ready to work! 

The 20's Cardio Warm-Up #workout #fitness

Photo Credits: Brooke Alexandra Photography

Got knee problems? Don’t like one of these moves? Change em out with one your favorite cardio moves and you’ll have a custom warm-up tailored specifically to you!

You’ll either need a stopwatch, or a handy dandy interval timer, which you can download for free on your smart phone! Just search interval timer in the app store and a whole bunch of free options will show up. Speaking of smartphones…who’s getting the iPhone 6? I am, I am! I got the iPhone 5 the day it came out and have been waiting ever since for the newest one :D I guess you could call me an Apple snob. Although, I still don’t have an iPad.

Questions for you-

1. Do you warm-up when you do strength training?

2. Are you a fan of treadmills?

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