AlbionFit Giveaway: Closed

When you find a good tee, you should buy every single color they have. That’s how I feel about the AlbionFit long sleeve I am giving away today. I love simple and I love classic…I also love functional. When I purchase clothing, I want to make sure that it’s not going to go out of style the next day and that it fits right and is comfortable.


What I like most about the above Go Long Crew Crew (I got a size small) is the color and the thumb holes. Pink is always the last color I look at, but in all honesty, I love it. This is more of a Fuchsia (see below photo for more accurate color), which I feel radiates energy and just brightens up any day (good or bad). I love the thumb holes because I always get cold at work, so the thumb holes help my keep my hands warm :)


The fabric is a little bit different than I’m used to. I’m used to being sucked in (tighter clothing). This fabric is soft and a bit looser fitting. It’s nice to switch it up every once in a while!

In addition to the the fuchsia Go Long Crew with Thumb Holes (which is what I am giving away), I have a couple more AlbionFit pieces in my wardrobe. I have the Love Racer in Silver and the Go Long Crew in Heather Grey both in size small.

albion-2So, today I am giving away the AlbionFit Go Long Crew with Thumb Holes (Fuchsia).


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