Banana-Less Banana Oatmeal.

Banana Oats without the banana is like PB&J minus the jelly.

I woke up to a banana peel sitting on the counter. The banana that I “oh so sneakily” hid in the cabinet (behind the bread, next to the croutons) last night, knowing that we were low on on these yellow beauties. Apparently, I wasn’t clever enough because my oats this mornin’ were banana-less.

No fear.


Yes, that is instant coffee!

Mocha Oatmeal
-3T rolled oats
-3T oat bran
-1T carob powder
-1/2 Packet Starbucks instant coffee
-half water half almond milk
-Toppings: 1T peanut flour sauce, raisins, and carob cashew nut butter

Alright so, even though this wasn’t comparable to my sweet and savory banana oats, it was a nice twist! Surprisingly, it actually tasted like a Mocha! I’m glad I used almond milk because it gave it a little extra sweetness.

Lunch today was boring. A big salad topped with sliced cucumber, yellow tomatoes, 1% cottage cheese, turkey, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinegar.

I also had cantaloupe and an apple plus some raisins. 
The sister and I were feeling extra kind today and decided to make the brother a batch of m&m peanut butter cookies. All the kid eats is cookies! 
While these bad boys were cooling off, we headed to Starbucks for a few hours to get some work done. Sister has lots of applications to fill out for Law School and I am currently in the process of creating an Individualized Bachelors Degree which requires a 10 page proposal. Eek I HATE writing!
After stimulating our brains and drinking an abundance of coffee, we came home and refueled with a healthy snack.
Cherry Fro-Yo Parfait
-1C frozen cherries
-1/2C nonfat vanilla yogurt
-toppings: sliced banana
Nothing goes to waste!
 So good.
Frozen fruit is genius. 
I seriously can’t believe I did it again, but I FORGOT MY CAMERA. Come on Lee. Get with it! Tonight the sister, mom and I went to Cafe Manna for dinner in Brookfield. This restaurant is 100% vegetarian and specializes in gluten free and raw foods. 
Dear Cafe Manna, thank you for working your magic in the kitchen.
Between the three of us we ordered The Peace Bowl (2 Pyramids of brown rice and quinoa with seasonal vegetables and a rich coconut curry sauce, topped with curried cashews) and the chef’s special: black bean quinoa cakes.
I decided that Minneapolis should learn a few things from this cafe. Their menu was really interesting and the dishes we ordered were extremely flavorful. I’m definitely adding this to my list of best restaurants in MKE.
I am hitting the hay early tonight. Tomorrow, the sister and I are meeting my cousin Jules and Auntie Donna downtown Chicago to see Wicked! SOO EXCITED!! 
What is the most creative flavor of oatmeal you’ve ever had? What is your favorite kind of oatmeal?
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