banana white peach soft-serve parfait

I became quite addicted to banana soft serve about two years ago when I first saw Angela’s recipe on Oh She Glows. From that point on, I never let a banana go rotten because if they ever got too brown, I just threw them in the freezer for later use. 

I’ve made banana soft-serve before on FFF. It’s a very simple recipe: frozen bananas + almond milk. This time, I used half of a ripe peach as my liquid to make a new flavor: banana white peach soft serve! 


banana white peach soft-serve parfait


  • -1 frozen banana
  • -half ripe peach, fresh


  1. Whirl together in a small food processor until it becomes fluffy.

These white peaches were a great buy! I love the Farmer’s Market!

I made a little parfait in one of my mason jars.

Banana white peach soft-serve + fresh white peaches.

This treat was just peachy. And better than ice cream if you ask me!

So, the next time your bananas are about to turn brown. Don’t throw them out…freeze them!

What is your favorite frozen treat?

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