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I am so excited to be back with another Blogging & Biz post. These are so much fun to write. Today’s topic is selling yourself to a potential client. Did you know…that even when you aren’t directly pitching yourself to a client, you are selling yourself to the client? Yup, it’s true. Potential clients are ALWAYS watching. It could be for days or it could even be for years. They are watching us bloggers, getting to know our style, personalities, work, etc. so that when the times comes for a potential campaign, they know exactly who you are and the kind of work you produce. 



That’s the word. Anticipate. 

Anticipate that your most ideal client (Whole Foods, Target, Pacific Foods, & Lululemon are a few of mine) has your site bookmarked and goes to it daily. 

Anticipate that the Huffington Post is searching for healthy recipes (0r whatever your site is about) on Pinterest to use in a round up that could potentially send you thousands of extra views in a single day.  

Anticipate that you’re going to accidentally meet the brand manager of one of your favorite brands at Starbucks who then goes directly to your site. What is the first thing you want them to see? 

With anticipation by your side, here are a few other simple tips on How to Sell Yourself to a Brand.


1. First impressions matter– yup that’s right. A brand’s first impression of you is your blog. They probably saw you on Twitter or Pinterest and clicked through to see what you were all about. That’s why, you need to secretly treat your blog like an interactive resume. How the heck should I do this?

  1. First and foremost, post your best content and only your best. You never know who and when someone important is watching! 
  2. Second, make sure you have a photo of you somewhere on your home page. A bigger connection is made when a face can be put to a voice.
  3. Third, ORGANIZATION! Do you have an about page? recipe page? press page? contact page? All of these are very important when a potential client comes to your site! 
  4. Social Media Button FRONT AND CENTER. Make sure that you have VERY accessible social media buttons on your home page. If a brand likes what they see on your blog, they are going to immediately click to all of your other channels. 

2. You ARE an expert. That’s right. When you get an email from a client, they are coming to you for a reason. Because- you offer something they can’t provide themselves. That makes you an EXPERT. So sell yourself like one! Doctors are experts in medicine. Lawyers are experts in law. Accountants are experts in accounting. Are they free? Heck no.

You are an expert in X (fitness, healthy living, nutrition, fishing, etc). Are you free? Heck no.

So now what?

Be an expert inside and out. 

3. Media Kits + Pricing Guides- These are a MUST. Remember when I said you were an expert? Well- you need to ANTICIPATE that the client thinks this whether or not you think it. They came to you asking for a review/recipe/ect for a reason. Because they value what your expertise has to say. So- reflect that with a professional-looking media kit and pricing guide. Anticipate that they want something from you that is valuable. Valuable things come with a cost. 


By having a media kit and pricing guide pre- made and ready to go, you are showing them that “why yes, I am an expert and what I do comes with a price, because I will bring value to your brand.” Plus- it will show that them you have done this before, whether you really have or haven’t. The worst thing that can happen is that the client will come back and say they don’t have the budget, but they will walk away from the situation thinking “DANG, Lee knows what she’s doing. I am totally keeping her in mind for future campaigns, when we do have a budget.” Which brings me to…

(PS: I created both my Media Kit and Pricing Guide in Adobe Illustrator and used Photoshop as well. See links at the bottom for more Media Kit resources)

4. Be Personable: This is easy, just be yourself. Respond to emails in a timely manner. Send check-in/follow-up emails post campaign. Treat your potential client how you would like to be treated!

5. Always leave the door open- Let’s say a client comes back to you after the first round of negotiations and doesn’t have the budget for what you pitched. Use #4 to be personable and close the situation in a genuine manner. Who knows if their budget could magically grow. You want to make sure to let them know that you would love to work with them in the future and that they should keep you in mind just in case something comes up! 

6. Social Media is an extension of both your personal AND PROFESSIONAL brand- so treat it like one! I’ll give you a prime example. Miley Cirus. Miley is no longer a Disney Channel Star and she wants to tell the world this. How does she do it? She uses her music, her personality, her image, her brand, AND her social channels. Miley’s brand is very consistent. If you go to her Instagram, you will most likely see a video of her twerking with her tongue out. Same with her performances etc.

So- in my opinion. Miley is doing a great job with her social media as an extension of her (professional?) brand. BECAUSE…..she is CONSISTENT. Be you on your blog, on social media, in real life etc.


Blogging and Biz- the series


QUESTIONS? Ask them! I am here to help and learn, too! 

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