Breakfast Mixer

A mixed drink for breakfast? 

I’m talkin bout’ my oats. This morning, instead of using just oats, I used 3 different kinds!!
Culprit numero 1: Quaker Oat Bran
I think I may need to add Multi Grain Hot Cereal in my life a bit more. It gave my oats a nutty flavor and and a grainy texture. 
Mixer Banana Oats
-2 T Oat Bran
-1 T Old Fashioned Oats
-2 T Multi Grain Hot Cereal
-1 t Chia Seed Meal
-1/2 nanner
-salt (to taste)
-Toppings: 1/2 sliced banana, 1 T peanut flour sauce, 1/2 T Sunflower Butter, Lots of Raisins
There’s nothing better than having an entire day with no PLANS. The mom and sis still need to do a bit of Christmas Shopping so I think we may do the unthinkable and venture to the zoo, I mean the mall, later this afternoon. 
Tis’ the season right?? I’ma get my people watching on :)
What kind of oats do you prefer? 
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