colorful summer side salad

Sometimes I am at a loss of words when I try and write a blog post. It’s hard for me to speak, when the photos do all of the talking.

This salad is really nothing special, it’s just all my favorite ingredients in one salad! 

The lemon yogurt dressing was a nice change up to my normal balsamic vinegar and pretty simple and delicious. I mixed about 2T Nonfat Plain Greek Chobani with about 2T lemon juice. It needed some sweetness to bring out the flavor, so I also added 2 drops of Lemon Flavored Liquid Stevia.

The grilled corn was left over from our party on Tuesday.

The orange plum tomatoes were a purchase from Sam’s Club.

And. I like cheese. Feta cheese.

What’s your favorite summer salad add-in?

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