Dried Apples: 2 ways.

Do you ever get in those modes where all you want to eat the same exact thing as yesterday? and the day before? and the day before? It’s like oatmeal; I wouldn’t have my breakfast any other way. That pretty much sums up my relationship with dried fruit lately. #getinmybelly. I guess I really can’t blame myself for my recent cravings.

Dehydrator = #bestgiftever

My latest batch of dried apples turned out exceptional! I decided to cut the apple slices a little bit thicker than normal because I am finding out that I prefer my dried apples more on the chewy side as opposed to crunchy.Other than that, I did the same exactly thing as last time. Slice, Dip, Bake.


My favorite way to eat dried apples/apple chips is with nonfat vanilla greek yogurt! For me, this is the perfect post workout snack. Wholesome goodness. 





One last creation I wanted to show you! The other day, Selina and I made Homemade Fruit Leather from the pureed fruit my Aunt Lisa gave me for Christmas. aka we made a healthy version of one of my childhood favorites: Fruit Roll Ups. I was beyond obsessed with Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit By The Foot when I was younger. These trump them in both taste and nutrition!





My aunt said that all she did was boil apples for a few minutes to soften them up and then puree them (skin and all) and add some cinnamon. To make the fruit leather, I spread a layer of pureed apples on parchment paper and set the dehydrator to ~145. These guys were done in around 7-8 hours. I did run into a small issue. I apparently am not very good at evenly spreading things, so the fruit leather baked a little uneven (some parts were thicker than others). There’s a first for everything, right?

For my next batch of fruit leather, I want to try mixing a few different fruits together. Maybe add some mango or banana for extra sweetness?!

Give me some fruit leather combination ideas…please and thanks.

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