Fashiony Sculpt

Good morning! I woke up extra early so I could get a blog in before work! Usually I write a post the night before and schedule it out for the AM, but I didn’t get home last night until late!

I think it’s fun to see what other people wear on a day to day basis! I love Julie’s fashion posts and it’s inspired me to step up my fashion posts! I post mostly on my facebook page, but today I’m bringing it to the blog.

Here is what I wore to work yesterday. I was posing for Day 7 of our #MoveYear2013 Challenge. Can you guess what the theme was? #lift


Scarf: Vinyasa Scarf from Lululemon

Zip Up: Zella Black Zip Up from Nordstrom Rack
Pants: Nike Running Pant from Dick’s Sporting Goods
Boots: Merrell (I wear these every day!)
Socks: You can’t see them but they are striped knee highs!

Lunch was really fun. Over the weekend, I sent out an invite to some girls at work to let them know I’d teach a Yoga Sculpt class during lunch! It was SO MUCH FUN. The class is normally an hour, but I cut it to 45 so we could all go right back to work. Sweaty. and beautiful.

After work, I scrambled to the nearby Anytime Fitness to teach another Yoga Sculpt Class. I love these ladies!  Here is an after shot. See, they are smiling, I guess I didn’t work them too hard ;)

I just thought of a really good idea. I am going to make a cool image with m Yoga Sculpt Playlist! I know there have been a few questions on what my music is for my class! Stay tuned for that :)

Okay time to get ready for work!


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