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I have been a workout enthusiast pretty much since I started playing soccer when I was 5. It’s been an interesting journey of what exercise means to me over the years. When I was younger, it was all about team sports, working my hardest, and winning. I didn’t really understand how athletic performance worked in relation to physical fitness and nutrition, I just did what I was told by my coach. As I’ve aged, I’ve become so much more interested in physical fitness not only how it makes me look, but how it makes me feel. In college I took things a little bit too far and became over-obsessed with fitness. I focused too much on how it made me look on the outside, than what I was actually doing to myself on the inside. Today I feel quite balanced with my relationship with exercise and food.

Just like my workout mantra changed, so has my workout fashion!


If I had to break down my general fashion into percentages I would say that 90% of the time I am in fitness gear and the other 10% I’m wearing non-fitness gear (which most likely has some sort of fitness gear twist such as leggings or a sports bra). If you see me at the grocery store, I’m likely wearing fitness clothes. Traveling…wearing fitness clothes. At the mall…fitness clothes. It’s what I feel most comfortable in and it’s what makes me feel like me. Thankfully my fitness fashion has morphed over the years.

Anyone else remember grade school when it was cool to wear boys bball shorts and an oversized shirt? Or how about super baggy sweat pants with a giant hoody? NOT CUTE.

I am so thankful that the fitness fashion industry has stepped it up a notch or ten.


I feel like an all around bad ass when I go to the grocery store or I’m traveling because I LOVE WHAT I WEAR and I feel confident! Plus- most of the time I feel like fitness clothes are MUCH better quality than normal clothes.

Like my outfit in these photos for example. OBSESSED. I could pretty much wear that tank top out to a bar AND the shoes. ER MER GER. I’m already pumped to wear those leggings with high boots and a cute black sweater this winter. SO VERSATILE.

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Photos by: Brooke Alexandra Photography

This post is sponsored by Finish Line and adidas. I was compensated and all opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting Fit Foodie Finds and for participating in the Summer Sweat Series!

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