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Who really needs Food Network, when your blog roll supplies you with the most amazing recipes? Okay, okay that is a little bit of a stretch…I could watch Food Network all day, erry day. They don’t give me recipes like this though:
After my weekly venture to the grocery store, I came home with 2 big ol’ cartons of raspberries. 2 for $3.00! What a steal for December, no? Who do I turn to? Angela from Oh She Glows, of course! This girl has some of THE best recipes/photography I have seen. I followed her basic recipe for Healthy Strawberry Oat Squares…making a few modifications. 

Instead of Kamut Flour, I used 1/2 C Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Flour and 1/2 C millet flour, gluten free certified oats, butter instead of Earth Balance, and honey instead of maple syrup.

Oh yah I almost forgot. My my jam filling was a mixture of fresh raspberries and frozen blueberries! nom nom nom. Here is my official recipe adapted from Angela’s:

Gluten Free Berry Oat Bars
Oat Base
-1.5C certified gluten free oats
-1/2C Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Flour
-1/2C millet flour
-1/2t baking soda
-1/2t salt
-1/2C brown sugar
-1/4C honey or maple syrup
-1 chia egg (1T chia + 3T water)
-1 stick of butter, softened
-2T almond milk (might not be necessary)

Raspberry/Blueberry Jam 
-1 1/2C fresh or frozen raspberries
-1 C fresh or frozen blueberryes
-3T sugar
-1T chia seeds

I followed Angela’s method, so I’ll send you over to her blog for that!

I would consider these bars very similar to a “homemade Nutri-Grain Bar”. I used to eat those things like candy growing up! So soft and chewy.

Anyways, here is a little update on my 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge.

Today was day 7 and my rest day :) This girl needed it. I haven’t been sleeping well lately *surprise surprise* and I could tell my body was craving rest.
So far I have completed 6 different workouts in 7 days. 14 more to go! I am counting each Yoga Sculpt Class as a different workout because each class is different.
I’d have to say that my favorite workout so far has been the 4 Mile HIIT Interval Run. It looked like this:

4 Mile HIIT Interval Run

Mile 1: 30 second (9.2) x 1 minute (6.2)

Mile 2: 30 second (9.3) x 1 minute (6.2)

Mile 3: 30 second (9.4) x 1 minute (6.2)

Mile 4: 30 second (9.5) x 1 minute (6.2)
HIIT workouts are great when you are in a time crunch. I am in and out in under 4o minutes and I definitely feel like the King of the World. Ever get that feeling? When you know you just had a kick ass workout? Try this one!!
Where do you get your recipe inspiration from?

How is your Holiday Workout Challenge coming along?

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