Golden Tote July 2015

I am super duper excited to share another fashion post. Two in one month, I know, I’m going crazy over here. I actually love doing these posts because it gives me a reason to dress up. Plus, I get to hang out with Brooke for a whole day. Win-win situation in my mind :)

All of the outfits in this post came in a new subscription services I got to test out – Golden Tote! I’m sure many of you have heard about GT as they’ve been featured in some of the blogs I follow, but it’s a service quite similar to the Stitch Fix posts I do. 

Golden Tote allows you to fill out a style profile with all of your sizes/measurements and style preferences. You can chose from a $49 tote, which includes 2-3 item in it or a a$149 tote with 5-6 pieces inside of it. New totes go on sale the 1st Monday of every month and the best part is, you get to choose 1 or 2 items which are guaranteed to be inside of your tote! Once you get your tote, all of the items inside are yours to keep. 

Wanna see what I got?!

Floral Cardigan- Brooke has a floral cardigan just like this and I’ve always been super envious of it. I LOVE this! I feel like as the years have gone on, I’ve gotten really boring with the patterns I wear (or lack there of). I don’t have anything like this in my closet and it’s perfect for summer! 


Black Cut-Out Blouse- Soooooo this top is TOTALLY my style. I love love the neckline and the fact I can wear a sports bra with it. It’s lightweight and looks super cute with skinny jeans, the perfect top to wear on a Friday night! 


Turquoise Tank- Love the color of this tank, but it’s not something I would wear on it’s own. The fit is kind of weird with my “girls,” but it does look super cute under a sweater! 


Lightweight Jacket- So this jacket looks kind of weird not on, but once you put it on and tie the waistband like oh em gee it’s cute! I don’t think it’s anything I would have ever picked out for myself in a store, but I’m glad I chose this one as one of the two items I would for sure get in my tote! 


Linen Button Down- Love the texture of this button down, but the fit is just okay. A pro is that I can wear a sports bra with it, but a con is that it’s not super form fitted! I don’t own anything this color, so that’s a plus too! 


Pink Wrap Dress- I think this is the first time I’ve ever tried on a wrap dress. I actually really loved how the top fit as well as the rest of the dress. The only issue is that it was a wee bit short on it. Not sure if it’s because I have such a long torso, but if it were 2 inches longer it would be just perfect! Nonetheless it’s still super cute with a pair of wedges :)

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