Homemade Wine Cooler

Back in college (about 2 years ago), I blogged before that I didn’t drink much alcohol and that it actually gave me anxiety. I’ve also talked before how I was 100% gluten free. Things change, my mental health changes, my happiness changes, my body changes. I drink now (occasionally). This doesn’t mean I am a binge drinker- it simply means I am comfortable around alcohol and enjoy the taste of wine.

Not sure why I had to get that of my chest, but I just did!

This has been my favorite homemade drink of the summer so far…light and bubbly.

Homemade Wine Cooler

Homemade wine coolers have been my favorite drink of the summer. You really only need a few ingredients: your favorite white wine, bubbly water (I use Peach La Croix), a splash of juice (I used white grape juice), and some chopped up fruit for presentation and little extra taste!

Homemade Wine Cooler

Homemade Wine Cooler


  • 2 parts White Wine
  • 2 parts Sparkling Water
  • 1 part Juice
  • fresh fruit

I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking, so by lightening up my drink, I can enjoy more of it!

Homemade Wine Cooler

I am really excited about today. It’s the SUMMER SOLSTICE. And my bosses birthday. Which means, I get the day off! She surprised us at our department meeting on Wednesday that we didn’t have to work today. The reason why I am so excited is because my sister flew in from DC last night. We are going to a wedding tonight, and now I will be able to spend the entire day with her! I am thinking a long run around the lakes + Whole Foods Hot Bar for lunch!


What is your favorite summer drink?

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