Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs

These Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs are the perfect appetizer for a summer BBQ!

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs

Shrimp is one of my favorite things to make on the grill. Not only are they yummicious, but they only take a few minutes to cook! You know when you’re hangry and you really can’t wait 20 minutes for your dinner to be done because 20 minutes feels like a lifetime. MAKE SHRIMP! 

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

I used my favorite grill technique….

  • Tin Foil
  • Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

That way…your food won’t get stuck to your grill :D I learned that one from Blakester. 

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

Have you tried coconut oil cooking spray yet? LOVE IT. Love love love it! I get mine from Trader Joe’s, but I’ve seen a few other brands at the normal grocery store. It’s pretty much just coconut oil spray and can be used interchangeably with nonstick cooking spray. 

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

I also really like metal skewers as opposed to the wood ones. I’m always afraid I’m accidentally going to light the wood ones on fire and ignite my dinner into flames. I’m sure there is a wax coating that prevents stuff like this from happening…safety first, people! 

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

Next time I do this, I’m totally going for the jumbo-sized shrimps. When I was at the store I could only find uncooked large shrimp. The bigger the better….am I right or am I right ;) 

PS: If you knew me in real life, I am probably one of the most vulgar human beings you’ll ever meet. I really try an keep it PG on FFF. Ask Alex or Davida

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

I loaded these guys up with cilantro, which BTW Blake HATES cilantro with a passion.

Had to do it for the photo. 

Sorry bud :D

Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

I brushed on a little bit more hoisen sauce once I took the shrimpies off the grill. 

Sauce = good.


Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 8 kebabs 1x


  • 1 lb. large or jumbo shrimp, uncooked
  • 2T soy sauce or tamari
  • 1t sriracha (or more if you like it spicy)
  • 1T hoisen sauce
  • 1/4t orange peel, dried
  • 1/4t ginger
  • 1/4t garlic powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 lemons, thinly sliced
  • 2 limes, thinly sliced
  • fresh cilantro, to taste
  • 10 wood or medal skewers


  1. First preheat grill to around 400ºF. Then, prepare your marinade by mixing together soy sauce, sriracha, hoisen sauce, orange peel, ginger, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  2. Place shrimp in a plastic bag and pour marinade over shrimp. Shake, covering all of the shrimp with the marinade. Set aside.
  3. Next, thinly slice your lemon and limes. Save the ends because this is what you’ll use to squeeze over the shrimpies when they are on the grill.
  4. Prepare your kebabs by alternating shrimps with lemon/lime slices. I made around 8 kebabs.
  5. Place a piece of tin foil on your grill and spray with coconut oil spray or nonstick cooking spray. Lay kebabs on grill. Now, squeeze lime and lemon juice on top of skewers.
  6. Cook each side for 2-3 minutes. You know your shrimp are done once they turn pinch/redish and firm up. It really shouldn’t take any longer that 6 or 7 minutes!
  7. Garnish with cilantro and extra hoisen sauce!


  • Serving Size: 1 kebab

 Lemon Lime Asian Shrimp Kebabs- the perfect summer app!

Are there any herbs that you despise?

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