The Loring Pasta Bar

If you go to the University of Minnesota and have never been to The Loring Pasta Bar’s Sunday Brunch…put that on your bucket list. Best 15 bucks I ever spent! 

There was an amazing spread of foods from salmon filet to creme brule (hehe that rhymes). But for reals, the food was savory and decadent. The best part is… it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT! Despite the amount of snow we got this weekend, the roommates and I have been looking forward to our holiday roommate brunch all week…the trek into Dinkytown was well worth it!
The Loring is so adorable on the inside. They are not only known for their delicious pasta dishes, but also for their night life. They turn it into a Salsa Dancing Club on Friday Nights
Plate number 1 consisted of a sushi roll (Lits and Kelly, I am proud of you for trying sushi!!!), salmon filet with cucumbers, a sausage, scrambled eggs with asparagus, and beef pot pie.
Plate number 2 consisted of mixed fruit, lots more scrambled eggs, and a chocolate covered strawberry. I also went back for another plate of fruit :)
Their dessert options were insane! I think we tried just everything between the five of us. I had a creme brule and the butter cream frosting off the top of Kelly’s little baby muffin.
There were so many other options that I didn’t get to try :( An omelet bar, eggs benedict, pancakes, bacon, waffles, mussels, chicken wings, two different kinds of salad, and LOTS more desserts. I give myself props for eating three plates worth of food though! 
I am currently in a food coma and studying for finals! Enjoy your Sunday :)

Countdown until Sam comes- 3 days!! 
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