mocha balls

I literally sat at work all day dreaming about writing this post. I made two new batches of balls late last night for a Monday Pick-Me-Up Treat. We take turns bringing yummy things into work.The Mocha Balls definitely stole the show.

They are a Peanut Butter Ball Base with both instant coffee grounds and coffee extract included. At the end, I rolled them in ground dark chocolate.

The other ball creation were still very tasty; a date base ball with almond meal and unsweetened coconut! MM. Just like a bite sized larabar. (Post coming later…I can only handle so many ball recipes at once!)

This is a pretty bold statement, but I think this Mocha Ball recipe is my best ball recipe yet. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The coffee isn’t too over powering and the dark chocolate gives it a bitter sweet after taste. 

I’m drooling just writing this…


mocha balls

    Yield: 12-14 balls


    • -1C quick cooking oats (certified gf)
    • -1/2C all natural peanut butter, crunchy or smooth
    • -1/2C honey, raw (or agave)
    • -2t instant coffee grounds (or more for a more intense flavor)
    • -1t coffee extract
    • -handfull of dark chocolate chips


    1. In a small food processor, process oats for 15-20 seconds, turning your oats in to oat flour.
    2. Add the peanut butter, honey, instant coffee, and coffee extract and process for about a minute, or until it becomes doughy. (You may need to add a squirt more of honey (or even water) if it is still too dry.)
    3. Using a small cookie scoop, scoop out the dough and role between your palms forming a ball. Mine were still a little crumbly so I made sure my hands were moist with water when I was rolling the balls. Set balls aside.
    4. Next, clean out your food processor, and throw your dark chocolate chips in. Process until they become finely chopped.
    5. Transfer chocolate to a bowl and roll the balls in the chocolate.

    Any ball recipe ideas? I’d love some inspiration!

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