Apricot Chicken Salad

Did you watch Oprah’s finale last night?? That lady is just a POWER WOMAN. Her final words about were breathtaking and you could tell she just lived and breathed her talk show.I was kind of disappointed no one won a car, or a school, or a humpback whale for that matter…

Okay, I know this video is making fun of Oprah, but BAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! She has a sense of humor, I betcha 10 bucks she thought this was high.larious. I love Dane Cook, so funny. He brings back so many memories of my senior year of high school.

Fun fact: Back in the 90’s my mom and dad ran The Shamrock Shuffle 10k with Oprah in Chicago. Well, at least that’s what my mom tells everyone ;) In Oprah’s prime years, she had one rockin’ bod! After the finale –> this is what I had for dinner.

I prepared a Nectarine Chicken Salad earlier in the day after we found the most adorable mini nectarines at the grocery store.

Nectarine Chicken Salad Salad

-2C cooked chicken, cubed
-5 baby apricots, cubed
-1/2C dried cranberries
-1/4C slivered almonds
-4 green onions, chopped
-2T fresh cilantro
-3T nonfat plain green yogurt
-1T orange juice
-1T honey
-1/4t salt
-1/4t pepper


This salad is extremely easy to make! All you need to do is chop everything into bite sized pieces and mix together. Whisk together the dressing (nonfat yogurt, honey, orange juice, salt and pepper) in a separate bowl before coating the salad.

The lighting just wasn’t on my side yesterday. I’m telling you, there is nothing fun about overcast skies and 49F degree weather. Really? REALLY?

You guys should check out my friend Molly’s bloggy- Heart of a Blonde. I will be featured as a guest blogger today as part of her Wellness Week series! WOO! My post talks all about the importance of breakfast.

One last thing. How adorbs is this awesome tote bag that my mom made? Seriously, the woman is a goddess with the sewing machine.

Have a fantastic day!

PS: HAPPY 50th birthday to The Faja and 22nd to Linley :) Two of my favorite people share this special day.

What was your favorite Oprah episode?

What’s your favorite Dane Cook skit? 
Link me, I like a good laugh :)

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