Healthy Gluten Free Oat Pancakes

I really wish you guys knew my brother on a personal level. The kid is the epitome of hilarious. Carly and I decided we wanted to make oat pancakes this morning for breakfast, so when Clay walked downstairs and saw what was up, he instantaneously referred to Step Brothers…”Boats and Hoes” but changed the saying to Oats and Hoes. Hence my post title :)
PS: I am in fact in Milwaukee for the weekend! A nice little weekend get away from school. And why yes, that is breakfast looked like this morning. Jealous much?
These pancake are all sorts of good-for-you. They are gluten free, oil free, and whole grain. Plus, they are a nice change up from my daily bowl of oatmeal. Get in my belly!
Healthy Gluten Free Oat [and hoes] Pancakes
***Serves ~3
-2/3C certified gluten free oat flour (food process oats)
-2/3C certified gluten free quick cooking oats
-1 whole egg
-1C almond milk
-2t baking powder
-1/2t baking soda
-1/4t cinnamon
-1/4t nutmeg
-1/4t vanilla
-toppings: greek yogurt, almond butter, banana, and raisins
1. Mix all ingredients in a medium sized bowl.
2. Spray a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat over low/medium heat (a low temperature is crucial because you want your oats to cook all the way through!)
3. Then pour in batter. Let cook on each side for about 1-2 minutes.
4. Top with all sorts of yummy things like nut butter, fresh/dried fruit, greek yogurt, etc.)
I absolutely love cooking with Carly because she is a nutrition major and knows a lot about food
science. She informed me that because these are gluten free, it was very probable that the batter wasn’t going to stick together very well. The first batch didn’t turn out so well because the heat was too high. However, batch number two was a success because I turned the heat all the way down to low and really let them cook before flipping. Carly got batch #1, very organic looking :)…
Carly topped hers with nanner, walnuts, almond butter, and honey. Nonetheless, still tasty :) Speaking of tasty, the first bite is always the best bite…
So true. Today Carly and I have plans to run a 6 miler, go on a few dog walks, and just catch up on homework while the Brother and Selina are at school. Get ready for an influx of amazing recipes :)
Happy Friday Bloggies!
What is your favorite breakfast?
What is your favorite pancake topping?
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