OMG! Introducing HGG STRONG

Today is one of those whirlwind of a days where your team has put countless hours, time, and passion into a giant project and it’s FINALLY LIVE! What’s even better, is I am with team HGC today in Denver celebrating!

Without further adieu, I’d love to introduce you to Healthy Glow Co’s new fitness plan– HGG STRONG. This 6-week program is focused on all things strength, with three brand new workouts each week targeted at upper body, lower body, cardio + core. You guys know that I am all about feeling strong and empowered in all aspects of life, and this is exactly why I’m obsessed with this new plan. I have had a lot of success lifting heavier weights and I promise ladies, there is no better feeling than feeling STRONG. We’ve combined some of our signature moves with some brand new ones to keep your workouts interesting and fun. We also kept our core beliefs from the first Healthy Glow Guide and made all 18 works efficient and effective (thank you HIIT!), convenient, and fun thanks to our amazing trainer, Kathryn!

What’s Included:

  • 6 weeks of programming with 18 brand new workouts designed by a personal trainer
  • Balanced strength and cardio focus
  • Targeted total body exercises that can be completed in 45 minutes or less, designed to hit your upper body, lower body and core
  • Modifications for both beginner and advanced participants
  • Written descriptions, photo and video demonstrations of every move
  • Customizable experience or done-for-you 3 and 5-day a week workout calendars
  • Pre- and post-workout snack guide with new recipes available during the 1-week launch

What You’ll Get:

  • Motivation to start a new routine
  • Transformative workouts designed by an expert
  • A leaner, stronger mind and body
  • Easy-to-follow schedule so you always know what’s next
  • Varied formats so you never get bored
  • Tons of new challenges (faster time, heavier weight, advanced modifications) to extend the program beyond 6 weeks
  • Dedicated fitness community


The best part? If you buy any two items in our shop within the next 24 hours you get $20 off using the code: BUY2STRONG. It also includes 10 pre- and post-workout snack ideas to fuel your new strength training routine. Grab your copy here.

So head over to HGC right now to check it out! We can wait to start sweatin’ with you.

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