Photography Tutorial- Editing a Photo from Start to Finish

Can I just say that I am so flipping happy I figured out how to do this whole “record a screen sharing video with audio” thing. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. Anyways- MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL IS HERE!

Photography Tutorial- How to Edit a Photo from Start to Finish via

I was excited when I got a lot of interest in doing photography tutorials. I still look at myself as an amateur (which I couldn’t for the life of me spell…thank you Davida) who has a lot to learn. BUT- I am all for sharing my current knowledge with you that seems to be ever expanding in the photography realm! 

In this tutorial, you’ll see my photo editing process from start to finish. 1. Don’t make fun of my accent. 2. After you watch the video I’ll have some notes for you to reference 3. Feel free to ask ANY questions in the comment section :D ENJOY!

Adobe Photoshop

*Note: none of the links below are affiliates :D I’m just giving you suggestions based off of what works for me.

  • College Students/Teachers: I suggest purchasing CS6 Adobe Suite STANDARD (this means you will have the full app on your computer, it is different than Cloud) through your collage. You will get an extreme discounted price. Usually you can purchase directly though your college, but here is more information from the Adobe website
  • Everyone Else: I suggest purchasing Adobe Photoshop/Light Room Cloud for $9.99. Here is a link to multiple different cloud plans by Adobe depending on how many Adobe programs you’d like to run. If you just plan on using Adobe to edit photos, the $9.99 plan is perfect. Remember because it is “cloud,” you will be paying a monthly fee and need wifi in order to access the programs. 
  • Try it for free! Before you have to do any purchasing of photoshop- you are able to try it for free for 30 days!

Use DaFont.coom to download thousands of free fonts. 

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  1. Was this helpful? 
  2. Would you like to see more start to finish photos? How often? 
  3. What other types of editing techniques are you interested in learning? 
  4. Questions- ASK!
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