quinoa + eggs

I go in phases with food. I’ll be really into salads for a while, then gluten free wraps, then quinoa, then brown rice. I get on these sort of foodie kicks. There was a point in time, where all I loved frittatas. I made them all the time. Well- they are almost back in my life. Baked eggs are essentially the half sister of frittatas. 

Yesterday for lunch I had a twist on baked eggs. I had left-over quinoa salad (1C dry quinoa that I cooked + 1 can northern white beans + 1 can stewed tomatoes + salt + pepper + italian seasoning), so I added about 1/3C to the bottom of a rameken. Then I cracked two eggs on top and poked it with a fork a few times to make sure the quinoa was full submerged in egg. As you can see, I accidentally broke of the yolks. OOPS.

This time, it took almost double to bake the eggs all the way through. I set the oven to 350F and baked it for 30 minutes.

Any kind of quinoa salad will work, as long as the quinoa is cooked. You could even just use plain quinoa. I love this because I always have extra quinoa, so instead of tossing it you can just pair it with your baked eggs!

I like making baked eggs better than scrambled because it’s a lot less work. Furthermore, the clean up isn’t as bad either!


I have some big things happening in the next few months and I am excited to share them in a few weeks! A little teaser…go check out Katie Jasper Health and The Root of Health.

One last thing. How freaking amazing is this space?

My iphone doesn’t do it justice! It’s called Yellow Barn Wellness and I am obsess. I practiced yoga here for the first time last night. In love.

I’m off to a 75 minute yoga sculpt with a few friends. Wish me luck, I’m sore. Happy weekend :)

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