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adidas asked me to create a post about how I have been incorporating changes into my outdoor workouts lately. Well, good thing I am a workout switcher-upper! I don’t like to do the exact same thing every day, and try to “refresh” things as much as possible!

This summer I have done a lot of walking, as opposed to running because the arches of my feet have been bothering me, so today’s post is on how I amp up my walking workouts. 




That’s right! Walking. I love it and I do it almost every single day. It’s sort of my me time, when I take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to get some fresh air and add some movement into my day.

What I like doing is walking intervals, where you walk for a certain amount of time and then you do an exercise for a certain amount of time. I call it- Walking Interval Training…clever, eh?

For example…

  • 1 Minute Walk
  • 30 second Side Walking Squats
  • 1 Minute Walk
  • 30 seconds Jumping Squats
  • 1 Minute Walk
  • 30 Seconds Walking Lunges
  • 1 Minute Walk
  • 30 Seconds Waling Arm Circles

Repeat x 3 (or how ever much time you have!)


Those photos were taken during my lunch break at Anytime Fitness HQ. This is an awesome workout to do if you have a 30ish minute lunch break and don’t want to go back to work super sweaty, but still want to get your heart rate up a little bit. You could do that entire circuit once, twice, or even three times.

This would be something fun to do with a partner, or maybe with just you and your itunes. Crank it up and get sweaty.

How to Mix it Up

There are so many ways to mix your walking up. You can do different amounts of intervals (ie: 30/30, 60/45/ 60,15) and you can do all different kinds of exercises in between your walking intervals. Maybe one day you want to focus on upper body and the next lower. Your options are endless. 

My Outfit

I did want to note that my entire outfit is adidas in case you were wondering. I wear the pants at least once a week…they fit me like a glove :)

adidas Women designs innovative performance products to help women commit to their best self and conquer their fitness goals.   We inspire women to look and feel their best – be pretty, be tough & be confident. 

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by adidas via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of adidas”.

How are you mixing up your outdoor workouts lately?

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