Saucony Love.

Shoes. I am sort of a shoe nomad. I like many different kinds and brands of shoes. For example, I’m not a die-hard Nike shoe wearer and I like to mix up my styles (so I don’t just keep buying the same make and brand over and over again.). Plus now-a-days, shoe technology is just out of this world, so when it comes to sneakers…it just keeps getting better and better!

Saucony has been a brand that I’ve worn on and off since my high school cross-country days. I have always been very impressed with the styles, but never in-love with the aesthetics. When running-shoe shopping in high school, I would always gravitate towards the shoes that were brighter colors and looked trendy such as Nike or Puma, but never actually ended up going with those brands because for a running shoe, they just support my foot right. I always ended up going with specific-to-running brands, such as Mizuno, Saucony, Brooks, etc (and I still do to this day when I am shopping for running shoes in particular).

What I’m really trying to say, that Saucony has come a long way with their aesthetics. I mean look at these shoes.


I got hit on by a 75 year old at the gym the other day, and his pick up line was that my shoes were very bright (it was harmless).

Not only are these shoes kickassimus looking, but they are by far my favorite pair of Sacuony’s out of the last three I’ve gotten: Guide 6 and Virrata. I would say that if I were to go run a long run, I would wear my Guide 6’s because they have a lot of support, I’d wear my Virratas for cross training because they are light and maluable, and the Kinvara’s for everything in between because they are still lightweight, but have more support than the Virratas.

Confused yet?

One of my favorite features is the HydraMAX Collar lining, which keeps out moisture. That is an absolute must-have this spring with all the puddles around Minneapolis-St. Paul! Did I say Spring? I must of meant winter (hence the 9 inches of snow we got last night).

I haven’t done any outdoor running in these bad boys yet, but I have ran short distances in them on the treadmill and done some cross training (yoga sculpt). So far…19 thumbs up. I feel like there is just the right amount of support, but still that flexible, lightness that I love in a shoe.

Disclosure: These shoes were given to me by Saucony as part of a Fitfluential campaign. I was not compensated. All of my opinions are my own.

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