Saucony Virratas

I threw out my Nike Free’s last week; I think they were going on year 2. Thankfully, I received a brand new pair of Saucony Virratas in the mail as part of a Fitfluential Campaign, which replaced my old sneakers quite well.

I am a fan of lightweight shoes. It doesn’t matter if I am lifting, cross-training, running on the treadmill, or running outside, I like light shoes. I like when my foot can move and breathe, and honestly, I feel faster when my shoes are lighter.

A few months ago I reviewed the Saucony Guide 6′s. The Virratas are very different from those and I actually like them a lot better. The Virratas are feather light and flexible, where as the Guide 6’s are a bit more stiff and supportive. They are both running shoes, but fit and feel very different. I also prefer the aesthetics of the Virratas over the Guide 6’s as well. This is actually my first pair of black shoes. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but now they are growing on me…I think it’s because I’ve gotten so many compliments :)

So far I have worn these shoes on a regular day to day basis (at work, around town, etc.), as well as at the gym for light cardio and strength training. I haven’t done any running in them just yet, because I’ve kind of taken a running hiatus this winter.

I’m glad I went with the 9.5 instead of the 9, they fit perfectly. Fun Fact: My left foot is 1/2 size bigger than my right, so I always have to make sure I try the shoe on both feet before purchasing.

I am really excited for my first outdoor run of 2013. It hasn’t happened yet, but when it does…it will be in these shoes! For now, I am stuck working out every day indoors.

I shouldn’t be complaining because not many people have a gym at their work….#perksofworkingforAnytimeFitness.

Are you a fan of light-weight shoes or do you need that extra support?

This post was sponsored by Fitfluential and Saucony. All opinions are my own.

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