Mudslide Smoothie

I had a nightmare last night. Yah know, one of those dreams when you wake up in a hot sweat and you have to slap yourself to make sure that what you dreamed didn’t actually happen. Yup, that was me. I had a dream where absolutely everything that could go wrong in my first yoga sculpt class at Corepower WENT WRONG. I forgot what to say, I showed up late, my music wouldn’t work…it was BAD.

I was SO nervous to teach my first class at Corepower for no reason at all. I KILLED IT! I only had a minor music malfunction…I couldn’t figure out how to turn the sound up (but then I figured out that the up arrow meant louder). I’ve taught hundreds of classes and am never nervous to teach (even in front of personal trainers), but for some reason I have been really apprehensive to teach at Corepower. I had around 30-35 people in my class, it was small than it should have been because of the Easter Holiday. I think I was so nervous because I’ve never actually taught in the heat before. At CPY the temp is set to 95 and the humidity to 30%. That is very different from what I usually teach in.

In my opinion I did okay…but not GREAT. Dang- it’s hard to teach in that kind of environment. I’m really going to need to practice my “coaching” and/or step up my athleticism. :)

I did get some feedback after my class. One guys said…I loved your class! It was really intense and everything flowed great…you’re the best instructor I’ve had yet! That is exactly what I needed to hear to keep trekking on. You always think you did worse than you really did.

That is all. It’s Monday.

And Aprilis my birthday month.

To get the below amazeball (apparently this is my new favorite word) recipe…click HERE to get it from Anytime Health. It tastes exactly like a chocolate shake.

mud-slide-smoothie mudsline-smoothie-2


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