Small Kitchen Appliances YOU NEED!

Tell me, tell me- how was your Thanksgiving and more importantly….how was your Black Friday?! I wasn’t able to go out this year because the fam bam enjoyed the day in downtown Chicago at STOMP on Broadway! Usually my sister and I venture out to at least Target on Black Friday. Not really for any deals per say, but for the people watching! I hope you scored some great deals and restocked on your athletic socks and TVs. 

Today I wanted to talk all about small kitchen appliances and how much of a difference they make in your every day cooking especially since the holidays are in full force. Lin and I get a lot of questions as to what exactly we use when it comes to small kitchen appliances. Obviously you know we use the Kitchen Ninja…because we rave over it again and again…but there are so many other staple appliances we use weekly and even daily! Like my Bodum Tea Kettle or Sonos…those are two things I use on the daily and could not live without! 

Every foodie needs these small kitchen appliances in their home. They're the perfect gift to give for the holidays or to just treat yourself with!

Bodum Coffee Grinder 24.99

We use this coffee grinder for pretty standard purposes- for grinding coffee beans! If you don’t grind your own beans…IT IS TIME. You are missing out on so much freshness and flavor by purchasing already-ground coffee. Pick one of these bad boys up on sale right now at Macy’s! PS: Team Fit Foodie’s favorite beans – Peace Coffee.

Keurig 2.0 – 139.99

I’m normally a French Press kind of girl- but when I’m in a rush or NEED A CUP OF COFFEE ASAP…I go for a k-cup. I’m sure you see k-cups everywhere now because they’re taking over the coffee aisle at the grocery store. If you’re looking for k-cup recs…Costco has an amazing deal on their Kirkland brand k-cups…but I’m also a sucker for Starbuck’s flavored cups. 

Kitchen Ninja – $199.99

Oh, my little Kitchen Ninja do I love you. If I was on a deserted island and could only take 3 things with me…this would be one of them (along with some electricity and an outlet). I literally make EVERYTHING in this thing. It has 3 attachments: 1. blender, 2. food processor, and 3. single serve smoothie cup, making it an extremely valuable small appliance in my kitchen. I pretty much don’t go a single day without using it! From balls, to soup, to smoothies– the Kitchen Ninja needs to be in your wish list this year! 

KitchenAid Hand Mixer – $42.99 

Need to whip some coconut cream? This is what we use to do so! It’s super affordable and something everyone should have on hand. You never know when you’re going to need to make brownies :D

Bodum Tea Kettle – 29.99

Wanna boil water super fast? YOU NEED A KETTLE. I’ve only been a hot water kettle owner for about a year and it’s definitely a life changer. I can make a cup of tea without using my microwave or turning the stove on in under 2 minutes…and same with french pressed coffee! Plus I feel super hipster having one of these on my counter at all times :)

Citrus Hand Juicer – $24.95

TBT to that one time we tried to make margaritas without a hand juicer. Squeezing lemons and limes by hand SUCKS…and if you have a cut on your finger — don’t even try. I love this little citrus hand juicer. It’s small, but mighty and under $25 bucks at Crate and Barrel. DO IT.

Bodum French Press – $40.49

My one love (sorry Man Candy). I purchased my first French press when I was in college and there was no turning back. This is my go-to method of coffee making because you can easily control how strong you want it and the flavor is just so much better. It also makes me feel super fancy when I make coffee for other people :D French press or die.

Sonos Compact Speaker – $199.99

This gadget is what keeps me sane during the day and what helped Linley and me invent Move it Monday on Snapchat. It connects to your phone via wifi so I can easily play all of my Spotify playlists and iTunes. When in doubt- we always listen to GooGoo Dolls Radio on Spotify.

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