Spring Fit Fashion Wishlist

Do you get that itch each season where you feel like you need to throw half your wardrobe out and go on a giant shopping spree? Well it’s happening over here. I’ve got the Spring Shopping Fever going on. Compared to last year at this time, my career is completely different. I work out of my house for myself and wear mostly activewear. Not mostly…that’s all I wear, unless Blake drags me out on a date :D Then I keep on my Wonder Unders and change my shoes and top :D

There are a few things that I really do “need,” like new running shoes and socks. Man- the feeling of new socks…MMMMMMmmmmm it can’t get much better than that.

Spring Fit Fashion Wish List via FITFOODIEFINDS.COM
  1. Space Dye Home Team Hoodie via Athleta- I am a hoodie/zip up freak. I LOVE THEM…especially after hot yoga, when you are really cold and you just want something warm/trendy to throw on top. I am loving the blue colors in this Athleta Hoodie. Anything blue and I like it.
  2. Saucony Virrata via Zappos- I have 2 pairs of Sauconys and I think it’s time to part with both of them (I reviews the Virratas here and the Kinvaras here). I’ve put way too many miles on them and they’re starting to get worn out. I just love the fit of both of these styles. I really like that they are light weight and super rad looking. 
  3. Nike Imara Fit Watch via Amazon- As a group fitness instructor, I need a simple/trendy watch that is going to do one thing and do it well- act as a stop watch. I need an easy interface watch that does NOT have a ton of different features. The simpler the better. There’s nothing worse that being mid-class and not being able to figure out how to make your watch a stopwatch. Believe me it’s happened.
  4. Zella Double Fun Head Band via Zella- This past weekend during our Propel Ambassador Photo Shoot- I wore this amazing Zella headband. I used to not be a headband wearer, and now you’ll rarely see me without one! I love the grip on this headband and I officially want it in every color! 
  5. Hullabraloo Bra via Athleta- as a 34D/DD, there are only a couple of different sports bras that fit me well. I need to hold my girls in (with lots of support) and don’t want a lot of padding. The Hullabraloo bra from Atheta is one of my favs! I currently have it in 2 colors and plan on adding to my collection this Spring! 
  6. Ridgeview Vest via Atheleta- I’ve been on the look out for a puffy vest since I can remember. Minnesota Springs mean 50-60 degree temps and a vest would be perfect to throw on over a zip up! I’ve been loving the color red lately…and fur too.
  7. Energy Bra via Lululemon- Like I said above….there are only a few bras that fit me well. I have a smaller waste, but huge girls and the Energy Bra is great because it’s full coverage. I have to go up a size, but I am a-okay with it! Gimme gimme gimme more!
  8. Modal Women’s No Show Socks via Puma- If you looked at my sock drawer you’d be really confused. I don’t think I’ve worn a match pair of socks in over a year. I blame the dryer because it’s happening to Blake too! Time for new socks. 
  9. Beyond Yoga Shall via Nordstrom- How cute is this sweater?! I am all about oversized sweaters and I want this in my closet MEOW. 
  10. Still Pant via Lululemon- Ohhh the Still Pant. I’ve had my eye on you for months. I’m not sure what I am waiting for, but these pants are SO CUTE. I really only own tigher/yoga pants, and could definitely use a looser fitting pair of athletic pants! 

Disclaimer: A few of the links above are affiliate links through Shop Style. Just wanted to be honest :D

 Let’s talk brands. Who are your favorite brands/retailers to wear? Give me links! 

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