Stitch Fix October 2014

Two non food recipes in a row…like wohhhhh. 

See those leaves behind me in the photo below. They are officially gone. Damn leves. Stop falling off the trees, we want you to stay! I am so not ready for winter. I still have a summertime mindset…like going outside in flip flops and a tank hoping to get only to get blasted by crisp air and wind. Apparently from here on out I’ll only get heat and humidity in yoga. Hmph.

So let’s talk clothes here for a second. Who else wishes that all sizes were the same across the board? Just think what the world would be like if you walked into one store and fit a size 6 and fit and every store after…you fit a size 6. That’s just not how the cooke crumbles. When I was in Arizona…I had to get an XL swim suit top. Now I know my 34D’s need a larger sized swim suite top…but an XL! It’s crazy that I can fit in S/M shirts, but when it comes to swim suites I need to get an XL. The bigger the better, I guess! 

Anyschwaysssss I had an extremely lucky month with my Stitch Fix Box. I kept 2 out of the 5 items…but almost kept all 5! Check it out.

Want to know more about what Stitch Fix is…CLICK HERE. 

ITEM 1: Sweater- The fact that I am obsessed with oversized sweaters made this piece an automatic win. Love the colors, too! This sweater rang up at $68.00.

Oversized Sweater + Legging Pants and Boots

ITEM 2: Bracelet: I loved the bracelet, but didn’t think it was worth $38.00, so I sent it back. 

Oversized Sweater + Bracelet

ITEM 3: PANTS- I took one look at these pants and said hmmmmmmm. I’m not sure how those are going to look on. The texture was like a thick legging, but they look like straight up black skinnies. 

Well that’s God’s gift to Earth right there ladies and gents….fake pants that are actually leggings. I’ll take those. Yes, yes I will! They rang up at $98.00 and are definitely worth it. 

Legging Pants

ITEM 4: Blouse: Fer cuteeee! I for sure loved the blouse, but didn’t love the price. The quality of the fabric seemed a little on the cheap side and was definitely not worth $68.00. Even though it was super fresh, I sent it back to Stitch Fix HQ. 

Black Blouse + Legging Pants + Boots 

Dear Item 5….the striped skirt that I forgot to photograph. I sent you back because it fit weird and I didn’t like the fabric.

However…I LOVE MY NEW BOOTS! Thank you Nordstrom Rack. I have had this image in my head of the perfect Fall boot and it’s taken me like 2 years to finally find it. They are the brand Born and I got em for $99.99 at the Mall of America Store. #BestDayEver. 

I looked for a link to the boots for like 15 minutes and I couldn’t find it. Merp.

So I have to thank Brooke Alexandra Photography for taking these photos! There’s no way Blake could have done this good of a job (Sorry B!). 

Twist and Tie Pony

What are your thoughts on the two pieces I kept (sweater and pants)?!

If you had to choose your 3 favorites stores to shop…what would they be?

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