Stitch Fix September 2014

I remember when I was in college…my mom would send me care packages all the time stuffed with her famous Congo Squares, gum (because I’m an addict), running socks and other random things she could find to make me smile. 


Speaking of mail…


I got my 2nd Stitch Fix in the mail this past week! WOOT. After my last Fix, I updated my style profile and let me stylist know a few things that I’m looking for this fall….

  • Cowl neck sweaters (as always)
  • Cute blouses (because I have none)
  • A pair of skinnies (preferably mid-rise because of my ba-donk-a-donk)

I’m glad I gave those suggestions because she actually followed it! Check out what I got…


Top Two Photos

I loved the looks of the red blouse, but it was GIANT (you can’t really tell in these photos). It was a size small, but seemed like an XL…unless it’s suppose to be worn over-sized. The jeans were great…but as always, they fit in the butt but were huge in the waste. Whomp. I’ve actually been on the look out for a new leather purse. The one I was sent is cute but totally not my style. I’m more of a plain jane kind of purse girl. 

Bottom Left

This sweater was a major score! I LOVEEEEE 1. the cowl neck and 2. the fit. I’ve been all about the leggings and over-sized sweater look..and the fact that it’s a cowl neck…er mer gerd. The sweater was $78, which is pretty comparable to prices at Macy’s! 

Bottom Right

The fit of this sweater was okay, I didn’t really care for the material or the “type” of cowl neck. It’s more of a slouchy neck sweater that doesn’t really balance out “the girls,” if you know what I mean.

Thoughts on this month’s Fix

I was really happy with how my stylist followed the direction I gave on what I was looking for. I’m going to continue to build my Pinterest board so that she get’s to know my style a little bit better. I’ve been happy with the quality of the clothes, you can tell that these items of clothing aren’t made cheaply, which is big for me. I also love the fact that I am trying on clothes I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself, but that I actually end up liking on. #success

Next month, I’m going to give up on the jean search because it’s no use. Because I got my new favorite cowl neck sweater, I’m going to opt out on the sweater search and ask for some cute every day shirts/blouses, maybe a leather jacket, and some cute jewelry! I already can’t wait for my October Fix!

Confused about what Stitch Fix is? Check out last month’s box. I break down exactly what SF is and how it works! 

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Thoughts on it?

Cowl Neck Sweaters- love or hate?

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