Style Friday – My Favorite Places to Shop (for clothes that fit an athletic body)

Can I get an amen for mid-rise/high-rise jeans coming back in style? If you didn’t know, high-rise jeans are basically mom jeans that look better and actually fit the average woman. Moms know what’s up. But seriously I finally got rid of my last low-rise pair of jeans the other day and it feels so good to own pants that actually fit. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite places that I shop to fit my body type — someone with a cute face, lil waist, and a big behind. But really the smaller waist and big behind thing is something that I have and is hard to shop for. Throw DD’s and broad shoulders into the mix and you’ve got yourself an issue.

On the look out for clothes that fit an athletic body? Here are some of my favorite places to shop!


Not sure why it’s taken me so damn long to figure out Nordstrom is God. My mom has been telling me this since birth however growing up in Milwaukee, we didn’t have a Nordstrom. It wasn’t until last year when one of my go-to malls in Minneapolis got a Nordstrom that I fell in love. Hard. I shop mostly in the trend section at Nordstrom. Trend is perfect for the girl in their 20’s and 30’s. You can find all different price ranges AND they just introduced a partnership with Madewell, which makes me so happy because I can kill two birds with one stone.

Brands I love at Nordstrom include:

  • Treasure and Bond (everyday stuff + super comfy)
  • Articles of Society (FAV JEANS EVER — seriously if you have thighs and a booty, try these! I love their mid-rise jeggings, the Mya fit.)
  • Topshop (high trend + good price)
  • Lucky Brand (SHOES!! Pretty much every pair of “going out shoes” I own are LB because they are SO comfortable and so well made.)
  • BP (in house brand, great price!)
  • Leith (I especially love this brand for their casual dresses that actually fit.)
On the look out for clothes that fit an athletic body? Here are some of my favorite places to shop!

Recent Purchases

The Leith tank dress, Lucky Brand Peep Toes, and Treasure and Bond Pink Sweater.



I heart Madewell and Madewell hearts me! Madewell has been my go-to store for the last few years and has really opened up my eyes to what high quality/timeless pieces can do for a wardrobe. I know Madewell isn’t the cheapest place to shop, but if you know how to shop their sale rack then you’re good to go. You have to go on the days where sale is an additional 30 or 40% off to really get the biggest bang for your buck. Because I live in Minnesota where the seasons are a little behind the the rest of the country, this strategy works well for me :D They will also do random promotions where the entire store is 20% off, you just need to keep an eye out! What I’ve found with Madewell is that a lot of their tops have a bit of a boxier fit (which works for my shoulders) and they make a lot of clothes that cinch in the waist (which is great for EVERYONE’s waist).

I pretty much buy everything at Madewell from pants (their 9″ high-rise fit is AMAZING), to dresses (literally half my dresses are Madewell), to shirts/sweaters, to jewelry. OMG their jewelry is amaze.

On the look out for clothes that fit an athletic body? Here are some of my favorite places to shop!

^^^My newest shirt obsession. This is actually Brooke’s, but she let’s me borrow it whenever I want :D I’ve got a long wish list happening over at Madewell. Check it–

And because you know I’m obsessed with shopping Madewell’s sale — here’s what’s good right now!


Nordstrom and Madewell are for sure my go-to places for a well-rounded wardrobe. However, there are a few other stores that I go to for specifics. See below!

Express: Jeans jeans jeanssssss! Express knows what’s up when it comes to girls with thighs and a booty! I LOVE their mid-rise jeggings, I seriously need to buy them in ever color because they fit me so well (see below on the ones I’m eyeing up)! PS: it was 40% off the entire store yesterday, so hopefully it is today, too!

GapGap is another great place for jeans, but you have to go on a day when things are on sale. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything full price from Gap :D I’ve also been loving their activewear. It’s price super reasonably as well!

J.Crew FactoryThey just put in a J.Crew Factory near me and it’s DANGEROUS. I’ve been loving it for dresses to wear to weddings and v-necks! LOVE THEIR V-NECKS!

Abercrombie and FitchI never thought I would step foot in another Abercrombie store, but I stopped in last month and FELL IN LOVE. Major love. I feel like their prices have become extremely affordable (and they have sales all the time) and I love their bohemian style! If you haven’t been to an A&F lately, you gotta check it out! I just got this white romper and I’m OBSESSED.

Athleta: I love Athleta for so many reasons, but mainly because their casual clothes (not athletic) are designed for women with curves. This includes their swim line. If I could buy everything in this store, I would.

Anthropologie: I feel like I would shop at Anthro more if it wasn’t so damn expensive! I frequent the sale section, but I also splurge every once in a while. Not only do I love their clothes, but their perfume selection is amazing as well as their kitchenware (duh) :D.

OKAY- now it is your turn to tell me where you shop! Always looking to try new places and find great deals :D

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