Chocolate Banana Oatmeal

Oh hey black bags under my eyes. You can leave nowwwwww! This girl hasn’t been getting enough sleep  and my body is slowly, but surely letting me know… I think I have the flu :/ You know when your body just aches? Blerggggg.I’ve been going to bed way later than normal and waking up at the crack-o-down. I think I’m just in over my head with my schedule lately. Today, I decided negatory on the workout, hoping that a day off would help with a little rejuvenation of my mind, body, and soul. I know taking a day off is perfectly healthy. Our bodies need rest, but sometimes I have weird/awkward exercise guilt…More on that after we talk food :)

Recipe alert.Yes, it is another oatmeal recipe. But: considering all of the amazinglyawesome feedback I have been getting on my oats, I figured one more recipes wouldn’t hurt :) Who’s with me?

Chocolate Banana Oats
-1/5C rolled oats
-1/5C oat bran
-1T chia seeds
-1/2 banana
-1T cocoa
-1/3C almond milk
-1C water
*Toppins: 1/2 sliced nanner, peanut flour sauce, a bloob of almond butter, and way too many raisins.

This tasted like chocolate dipped frozen bananas. Minus the frozen. I wish I would have enjoyed it more :/ My appetite is obsolete and my taste buds are off balanced. I’ve have never once…”not finished” my oats (sorry for the double negative) and today I really had to push myself to clear my bowl.

– – – – – – – – – –

Anyways, I was directed by Mama Hersh not to blog tonight and to go right to bed! I am going to try and finish up by 8:00PM sharp so I can get some snooze. *I may or may not already be in bed with the lights off…

Exercise Gilt
For me, exercise is my stress reliever. It makes me feel energized and I love the adrenaline rush after an intense interval workout; I love it. Sometimes, I can be way too hard on myself on rest-days. A weird anxiety lurks in my mind about the fact that I didn’t workout. It’s not because I’m worried about the whole “burnage” of calories or that I’m going to gain weight, but it’s almost like my day is incomplete without it.

This may sound a little bit funny, but I also feel like EVERYONE knows I skipped. Really Lee?

#1: What gives?? Who cares what anyone else thinks?

#2: I don’t think it is realistic at all, for anyone who is a full time student/professional, to workout 7 days a week. (For both physical and mental health reasons!)

#3: If I don’t have time, I don’t have time. Exercise should be enjoyable and if I’m just going to rush through a workout, what’s the point?

#4 I should embrace my off-day. Once I decide I’m taking off and the decision is made, don’t turn back. Enjoy the day :)

Erg, I could go on but the clock is a-tickin’. I told myself 8:00 PM, so 8:00 it is. I hope I feel better by the AM, I have a presentation manana en espanol!


How many days a week do you exercise?

Do you ever have exercise guilt?

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