Thanksgiving 2012

Starting off this blog post with a few puppy pictures is absolutely necessary. Look how big Sasha is! She is my parents 1 year old lab. If you remember last Thanksgiving, I was able to hold this sweet little thing in my arms! 

You know your parent’s dog is actually your sister when…She licks the bottom of your Chobani cup for you ;)

Okay enough about pups. On to Thanksgiving Day Shenanigans! Each Thanksgiving my family hosts both my dad’s side and my mom’s side. This is the first year we didn’t have 30 people over for the feast. Why? The parents moved to Ohio!

We had a much smaller gathering with just immediate family + boyfriends :) We also had the most adorable  little family over who just moved to the area from the Netherlands, they have 2 young boys who’t started off the day by preparing the Turkey. I just watched :) My mom did most of the cooking this year, thanks mom!

Here is Blake and my mom stuffing Turkey Lurkey..

After the Turk was in the oven, Blake and I went for a little workout at a preserve near my parent’s new house.  The amount of people out exercising just made me happy :)
When we got back- it was time to get our baking on! 
I was in charge of a quinoa side dish and pumpkin bars (Thanks Carly!!)
The bars turned out better than expected! I made a few changes to the recipe I was following, so I was unsure how they would turn out.

Sister made her FIRST PIE! I am so proud. Actually, I’ve never made a full pie myself, so props to her for making a beautiful apple cranberry pie.

Around 4 we took the turkey out. Can you say perfection? Nice work mama!

I’d have to say that my favorite dish of this entire meal was my Nanie’s jello mold. Nan passed away a few weeks ago, but this jello mold will be a staple at my Thanksgiving forever!

Here is my quinoa side dish! Very simple and delicious!

Look how cute our boys are?

My favorite brother

And finally…MY PLATE!


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