Things I’m Loving Lately – Snack Edition

I’m not a 3 meals kind of person or a small 5 meals kind of person. I’m a “I eat all day long” kind of person because I’M ALWAYS HUNGRY. You think that’s an exaggeration, but I’m legitimately always hungry. According to my mom, I’ve always been this way…like the hungry puppy from 101 Dalmatians that always complains about being hungry. Me being a food blogger doesn’t really help this matter because I’ve got all sorts of food around my kitchen at all times! You should have seen my fridge at the end of last week. We tested and shot recipes for 3 days straight and that thing was PACKED with good stuff.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I’ve had to be verrrry strategic about my snacking because if I go a couple of hours without food…I GET HANGRY. I make sure to stock my purse, carry on, and car with all kinds of goodies….just in case. I always go for snacks that 1. are portable 2. higher in protein/fiber 3. lower in sugar 4. DELICIOUS. Oh- and I like to have a mixture of sweet and savory…because you never know what kind of mood you’re going to be in! 

Here are some of my favorite snacky snacks right now! Check it

Lorissa’s Kitchen

Beef jerky is one of my all time favorite things to snack on! It’s high in protein and lower in fat/calories, so it makes for the perfect post-workout snack or any kind of snack for that matter. I’ve been loving the Lorissa’s Kitchen variations. They use ethically sourced meats and their flavors are epic. My fav? Korean BBQ.

Lorissa's Kitchen

Dried Mangoes

You can thank @LinleysHands for introducing me to dried mangoes. Back in 2009, when we studied abroad in Italy together…Linley packed her travel bag FULL of dried mangoes because heaven forbid we we can’t find food in Italy. Ever since, these have been my one of my favorite things to snack on during the day or after dinner! I ALWAYS hit up the bulk section at Whole Foods after I grab dinner at the hot bar for some dried mangoes :) 

Dried Mangoes

Fruit Leathers

I’m definitely that adult who’s stuck in her childhood because I LOVE FRUIT SNACKS AND FRUIT STRIPS. Like, I might have an unhealthy obsession with them. At least I try and stick to the all natural kind that’s made with real fruit and not a lot of added sugar, right? TJ’s has some blueberry fruit strips that are BOMB, but I also like Annie’s Fruit Snacks


Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas

This, my friends…is my newest obsession! CRUNCHY AND DELICIOUS ROASTED CHICKPEAS. The best part? You can buy them already made at the store! I love the Sea Salt variation…perfectly (extremely) salty and higher in protein and fiber! My favorite brands? The Good Bean and Biena.

 The Good Bean


Kombucha sounds disgusting from the outside looking in, but it’s actually one of the most amazing drinks EVER. Not only do I adore the fizzy texture, but the health benefits of kombucha are rockstar status. Kombucha is a fermented tea packed with probiotics. I’ve never actually made my own kombucha, although I hear it’s rather easy. My favorite flavors are the Synergy Grapefruit, Passionberry, and Citrus.

Synergy Kombucha

RX Bars

I go in phases when it comes to bars and right now I am on an RX Bar kick. These things are FLIPPING DELICIOUS and have the best texture EVER. I love that the ingredient list is small and that they are higher in protein (thanks to the egg whites!) without weird added ingredients. My favorite flavor is the Pumpkin Spice followed by Peanut Butter (duh). 

RX Bars

Juice So Good Cashew Milk

I was first introduced to Juice So Good when I was teaching Yoga Sculpt at Corepower. It’s a local Twin Cities juice company that makes the most amazing juices and pressed nut milks. Cashew Bliss is hands down my favorite JSO flavor. It’s thick and delicious and perfectly sweet. My favorite way to drink it is with iced coffee or cold press :D

Juice So GoodSabra Hummus

I’m a hummus girl and that’s just the way it is. I like to make my own hummus and I like to buy hummus…either way, I ALWAYS have a thing of hummus in my fridge! Lately I’ve been loving any variety of Sabra Hummus. It’s the best eaten with TJ’s Sesame Tamari Rice Crackers. FUN FACT. I went to Sabra’s parent company hummus plant when I was in Israel back in November of 2014. 

Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips

This post wouldn’t be complete without CHIPS. Linley and I have been obsessed with chips lately. We eat them with hummus/guac and ALWAYS with our lunch bowls. One of our favorite brands is Way Better Snacks. The sweet potato and/or the sriracha variations are our FAVS. Love that they are made with non-GMO corn, sprouted seeds, and sunflower oil! 

Way Better Snacks

So tell me- what snacks are you loving lately?!

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