[tutorial] stove top oats

This tutorial is WAY LONG OVER DUE. I have broken down my morning routine and recipe for my typical batch of banana oats. Also, I’ve answered some Frequently Asked Oat Related Questions at the end of the post!

Typical Recipe
-1/5C oat bran
-cinnamon (to taste)
-1/2 large banana
-1C + 1/2C water (or almond/rice/soy/cow milk)
*This recipe yields 1.5C cooked oats

Typical Routine
[step 1] Assemble your ingredients
In a small sauce sauce pan, mix together dry ingredients. Then, add in a half of a sliced banana and 1C of liquid. You will notice that the chia seeds and oat bran act like sponges and instantly start to soak up some of the water.  
[step 2] Cook over medium/high heat
Turn your burner to medium/high heat and let your mixture cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently. You want your oats to thicken and your banana to melt into the mixture. 
[step 3] Add more liquid
This is a secret step, but extremely necessary! Add an additional 1/4 to 1/2 C liquid to the mixture and let it re-thicken, cooking for an additional 2 minutes. This additional liquid increases the volume of your oats and gives it that delicious, creamy consistency.  
[step 4] Top it
Toppings are an essential part to any bowl of oats! This is where you can boost the nutritional and satiation factor of your breakfast. I am notorious for sliced nanner, nut butter, and of course RAISINS! 
 Nutritional Profile [made with water, pre toppings]

FAQ- Oat Style

[Q] What is the difference between rolled oats and quick/instant oats?
[A] The difference between the two is how much they’ve been processed and how thinly they’ve been pressed. Rolled oats (Old Fashioned Oats) are made by steaming oat groats (whole grain) and flattening them with a roller. Quick/Instant oats are rolled into thinner flakes, which is why they take less time to cook.

[Q] What is oat bran?
[A] Oat bran is the hard, outer layer of of the grain. The bran of the oat grain contains the majority of the  dietary fiber and is also high in vitamins and minerals.

[Q] Where can I buy oat bran?
[A] You can find oat bran in most bulk sections at your local grocery store. If you are looking for prepackaged oat bran, look in the cereal aisle near the oatmeal.

[Q] Do you eat oats every day?
[A] I think this one is obvious, but YES! I have found that a big bowl of oats keeps me satisfied longer than any other breakfast!

[Q] Why do you use chia seeds?
[A] I use chia seeds for a few reasons. First and foremost, it boost the nutritional value of my breakfast! Chia seeds are a great source of protein and they aid in digestion because of their absorption quality. Second, Chia makes my breakfast BIGGER! When these little guys are soaked in water, they expand x 8! 1T can go a long way folks!

Oat Hall-of-Fame

What is your recipe for the perfect bowl of oats?

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