Chicken Salad Recipes


Why you'll love it:

We’re cooking up 4 chicken salad recipes - all made from a yogurt base!

what you need:

shredded chicken plain greek yogurt onion salt  pepper various ingredients

Southwest Chicken Salad

Made with a citrus-infused southwestern yogurt sauce and a little bit of hot sauce to top things off!


Classic  Chicken Salad

Very similar to Waldorf Chicken Salad, but made with a delicious yogurt sauce, a little bit of honey, and lemon juice!


BLT Chicken Salad

This sauce is so yummy and made with yogurt, a little bit of ranch seasoning (secret ingredient) and lemon juice!


Pesto  Chicken Salad

Made with classic Caprese ingredients and a yogurt-based pesto sauce that you’re going to love!



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