Chicken Legs


Why you'll love it

Our grilled chicken legs are crispy on the outside and so tender on the inside!

what you need:

chicken legs (~6 legs) garlic powder onion powder coconut sugar paprika chili powder ground chipotle powder ground cinnamon  ground mustard seed salt & pepper

Prep Chicken


First, remove any moisture from your chicken legs with a paper towel. Then, drizzle on olive oil and rub it in with your hands.

Season Chicken

Mix all the spices together for the smoked chicken dry rub. Then, generously season all sides of your chicken legs.


Grill Chicken

Next, grill chicken legs over direct heat at 425ºF for about 15 minutes or until the chicken has reached an internal temp of 165ºF.


Try it!

We like to keep a batch of our smoked chicken dry rub on hand at all times to use whenever we need it!


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