Pecan Pie Energy Balls


Why you'll love it

Pecan pie energy balls taste just like pecan pie, but are a healthy snack!

what you need:

medjool dates, pitted raw pecans old fashioned rolled oats  vanilla extract graham crackers kosher salt

Process Nuts

Add raw pecans to the food processor and process until a crumble forms. Then, add oats and process again.


Add Dates

Add in Medjool dates and process until a sticky dough forms.


Roll Balls

Scoop dough into your palms and roll it into a ball to create your energy balls. Set aside.


Graham Cracker Crumbs


Process graham crackers into crumbs and then add salt. Transfer the crumbs into a small bowl.

Roll Balls


Roll each pecan pie ball into the graham cracker crumbs. This will act as the pie "crust."

Serve or Freeze


Serve immediately or store in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 3 months.


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