Maple Sesame Roasted Cashews

Vegan  |  Gluten Free  |  Dairy Free

Ready in 20!

These roasted nuts are ready to go in less than 20 minutes.

what you need:

Raw Cashews Maple Syrup Sesame Seeds Salt

Toss Cashews

Place cashews on a baking sheet. Then, drizzle on maple syrup and toss. Sprinkle on sesame seeds and salt and gently toss one more time so that the sesame seeds stick to the cashews.


Roast Cashews

Roast cashews at 375ºF for around 10 minutes making sure to toss nuts every 3 minutes so they don't burn. Let nuts rest  on the pan for around 10 minutes after roasting to harden.


Enjoy by the handful!