Honey Pear Galette


Why you'll love it

This galette uses store bought pie crust to make an easy yet impressive dessert!

what you need:

pie crust raw pecans all-purpose flour ground cardamom ground cinnamon ground nutmeg honey (+ more for topping) yellow pears fresh lemon juice butter

Pie Crust

First, roll out your store bought pie crust to about 10 in. Some pie crusts will be 10 in. out of the box, which is the perfect size.


Pecan Mixture

Next, pulse the pecans, flour, and spices in the food processor until crumbly. Don't process too long otherwise it'll turn to a paste.


Pear Slices

Next, slice the pears in thin slices with a mandolin, to ensure they're all the same size. Then, toss with the remainder of the spices.



Next, pour the pecan mixture onto the pie crust and begin to add the pears in a single layer on the top of the pecan mixture.



Next, roll the edges of the pie crust inward or fold over the top of the pears. Bake until crust is golden brown.



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