Winter Pomegranate Salad + Snow Shoeing Adventure

I have been all about mixing {simple} flavors lately…and really enjoying the fact that pomegranates are everywhere…and sometimes even pre-peeled (THANK YOU TJ’s)

Winter Pomegranate Salad

Whenever I go to Whole Foods for their hot/cold bar, I look forward to eating their pearled cous cous salad. Pearled cous cous is kind of like a cross between rice and pasta; I love the texture. *Note it is NOT gluten free, for those of you that are sensitive to gluten. It is however, available for purchase at Trader Joe’s. 


So are all of the ingredients in this salad for that matter…

 Winter Pomegranate Salad

Like I said. I kept this side salad simple…

  • Greens (I used kale but you could use any kind)
  • Pearled cous cous
  • Pomegranate Arils
  • Walnuts
  • Goat Cheese
  • Easy Pomegranate Vinaigrette 

Instead of dumping dressing all over the entire salad. I massaged my kale with it. I learned this trick from YOU GUYS! It helps make kale more digestible by softening it up and infuses the flavor.

Winter Pomegranate Salad

I mentioned this the last time I used kale in a recipe..but I’m still getting used to it. Going to be completely honest- I am still a fan of spinach over kale. Yeah I said it.

Winter Pomegranate Salad

I seriously could eat goat cheese by the pound. #GoatCheeseProbz

Winter Pomegranate Salad Winter Pomegranate Salad


I’ve mentioned that one of my goals this year is to share more stories and life-happenings on the blog. I feel like as FFF has evolved, I’ve sort of stopped sharing a lot of the things that I do outside of blogging. 

Blake and I decided to keep it low-key this Valentine’s by going out of a realllllly casual dinner and watching New Girl. We actually celebrated 2 years of dating this year on 2/14 :D. We planned a fun day trip to Taylor’s Falls the day after Valentine’s for a little breath of fresh air, snow shoeing, and lunch at the cutest diner EVER.

We rented snow shoes from a local sporting goods shop for about $34 buck (for 2 pairs). If you go about 6 times, you pay for a pair of snow shoes, so I am highly considering purchasing my own pair because 1. it will force me to go more and 2. they will eventually pay for themselves if I keep renting. 


If you live in Minneapolis and have never been to Taylor’s Falls- get your butt there right now! I went a few years ago during summer-time when it is GORGEOUS, but it’s just as beautiful during winter! This little town sits nestled on the St. Croix River. There’s state parks everywhere you look, bluffs, a beautiful river, and the nicest people you’ll ever meet! 

Blake and I are already planning a weekend getaway this summer. Bed and breakfast + canoeing = dreamy.

Any hidden gems near your town?

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