you’re so plummy

There are two things I couldn’t live without in my kitchen.

1. My food processor because I pretty much use the thing on a daily basis. (It especially comes in handy when I make balls.)

2. My dehydrator. I loveeee my dehydrator! 

This time, I sliced up some exotic fruits (1/4 inch), which we picked up from the Farmer’s Market last weekend. They were on the verge of going bad, so I figured I’d suck the life outa them (literally…mwahaha). 

This was my first time dehydrating both plums and kiwis. LOVE THE KIWIS! Surprisingly they were still a little bit sour once fully dehydrated, but they had a bit of a crunch because of their seeds.


The only kind of dehydrated kiwi I have ever had, has been drenched in sugar and pumped with (I just typed attitudes) additives. Mine are nothin’ but kiwis! 

The plums were pretty good too. I was surprised they held their pretty color so well!


Oh, you’re so plummy…

Get it…you’re so funny!

What’s the most exotic dehydrated fruit you’ve ever had?
What are two things you couldn’t live without in your kitchen?

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