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HEY girrrrrl. I am sitting on my couch right now with 4 candles lit and the Hipster Holiday Pandora station playing on my Sonos. NOVEMBER IS ALMOST OVER AND I LOVE ZOOEY DESCHANEL‘S VOICE. Any one else as obsessed with New Girl as I am? It’s like the best day of the year when they release a new season on Netflix. 

Thought I would do a quick 10 Things Lately post because I feel like so many things are happening/happened over here and I want to fill you all in! 

(1) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…especially when it involves Turkey Trots, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, and my entire family in the same place at one time! Mark and I spent this Thanksgiving at my parents’ new house in Chicago. It was so great to see my puppies…oh, and my parents. It was also refreshing NOT to work and just enjoy the holiday. Cath (my coñera) and my brothers bestie Paul joined us, which made the long weekend even more fun. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the weekend! 

10 Things Lately - Fit Foodie Finds

(2) Speaking of favorite photos from the weekend. GUESS WHAT? Team Fit Foodie has a new team member —> the Canon 5D Mark IV. I am so so soooo beyond excited to be part of the Canon family. I upgraded last week from the Nikon D600 and bought Canon’s new top of the line full frame DSLR. I also got a 50mm 1.4 lens to go with it. This piece of technology is easily the most expensive thing I own (minus my car), but the investment is going to be worth every penny. I am so excited to play with it’s amazing video features, touch screen, and low lighting functions! PS: his name is Hot Toddy (Toddy for short), after one of the first recipes he ever shot :) I am in the middle of writing a post called “what’s in my camera bag” so I can go more into detail on the gear I have! 

10 Things Lately - Fit Foodie Finds

(3) These are the best jeans I’ve ever put on my body. I Instagrammed them over the weekend and about 100 other people agreed with me. Express’s Mid Rise Jean Leggings are legit the best pair of pants I’ve ever tried on. I have such a hard time finding jeans for muscular thighs/ass and a smaller waist, and these jeans are a dream. They don’t stretch after multiple wears and fit me like a glove. They’re pretty true to size and the ultimate pair of pants for the athletic girl! They’re normally $79.99, but with it being the holidays, Express has been having mega sales! Keep an eye out and see for yourself. You can thank me later :)

10 Things Lately - Fit Foodie Finds

(4) I’m going to Mexico on Friday! I’m doing another project with Funjet Vacations and this time it’s at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach in Cancun! Can’t wait to soak up some much needed vitamin D with Man Candy. Check out my trip to Jamaica last year with Funjet. Don’t forget to follow FitFoodieFinds on snapchat and on Instagram to see what I’m up to!! 

(5) The Gophers lost to the Badgers AGAIN…but this time I got to witness it! Mark and I met his family at the Gopher/Badger game in Madison, WI on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Mark and I have always had a college football rivalry so it was fun to live it IRL. 

10 Things Lately - Fit Foodie Finds

(6) I am obsessed with the show West World. If you have HBO Go…you need to watch this show like yesterday! Mark and I caught up over Thanksgiving so we are live with the first season and IT’S SO GOOD. The show is about a western “pretend” world set hundreds of years in the future. Basically it’s about humans who pay thousands of dollars to play the game of western world. The people who live in the western world are very much so human-like, but are actually robots. I don’t want to give away too much- but it’s SO GOOD and you need to watch it right now. If you don’t have HBO Go, find someone who does and use their account :)

(7) (8) (9) (10) That’s pretty much all I got. :) 

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