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meet the team

Hi! We’re Linley, Lee, and Emily, avid home cooks and lovers of food. Eating well isn’t about restriction – it’s about savoring each bite and celebrating the food that nourishes the body and soul.

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Protein Dessert Recipes

Instead of taking something away in the new year, we’re adding something! And, that something is PROTEIN. Starting January 1, 2024, we’re sharing 15 protein dessert recipes that will inspire you to add protein into your meals — even dessert! Enjoy.


A person holding a croissant sandwich with chips next to another person biting into a wrapped sandwich.

our food truck – Hodgepodge!

In 2024 we launched our very own food truck called Hodgepodge! This midwest mobile kitchen on wheels is in collaboration with one of Minnesota’s most popular breweries – Forgotten Star Brewing Co., where Hodgepodge permanently lives.

Grilling Recipes

A group of jars filled with oatmeal, fruit, and nuts.
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