Let’s Talk: Boobs and Bras + a survey!

Catchy title? This is something that’s been on my mind for a while now…actually since my senior year of high school when I grew myself a giant pair of C-Cups. I remember when I was 15 I would stand in the mirror and try and push my boobs together…they didn’t touch. I used to be so self conscious about my flat chest and the fact that I was a late bloomer. DID YOU KNOW- I didn’t get my period until I was 16! <— Probably the reason why I didn’t get my ta tas until I was 17. I was a competitive athlete growing up so I quickly realized that while I thought I wanted boobs…they were actually more of a burden in sports. PS: if you are like WTF why are you talking about boobs on a food blog, just leave now :) Wait, you should have left after you read the title. 

Let’s fast forward to my eating disorder days. I lost a significant amount of weight the summer going into my sophomore year of college (this puts me at about 19). I went from my heaviest of 153 (which is actually pretty close to what I am today!) to 118 in 3 months. This was from extreme diet restriction and a stupid amount of exercise. My C’s dropped to a small B and I’m not going to lie, it was great (note: I was extremely unhealthy, had very little body fat, and at this point had lost my period). I could do a jumping jack without my boobs hitting my chin (JK, but seriously) and I actually fit into shirts that I wanted to wear. Clearly 118 pounds at 5’8″ isn’t healthy, which is why I knew I couldn’t sustain life like this. 1. Being overly skinny didn’t make me any happier and 2. I wanted to actually live a life, not plan every damn second of it. Once I gained my weight back around 2 years later and got my healthy body back…I actually ended up growing an even bigger rack. 

Today I weigh around what I weighed pre-eating disorder, but have more muscle and less body fat. Less fat everywhere BUT my boobs. That’s right, I’ve now got myself a pair of DD’s to be exact. I don’t want to blame my huge boobies on my eating disorder, but I do find it peculiar that my boobs got even bigger after I gained weight back. Nonetheless, it’s taken me a really long time to be comfortable and CONFIDENT with my new chest. I’ve always been pretty modest and sometimes it’s hard NOT to flaunt them. It’s especially difficult to be modest in fitness clothes. Athletic girls with tits – you feel me? I’m a 34 around which puts me at a small and a DD which puts me at an XL. Those two don’t really go together…yah feel? If I want to dress for my cup size, I need AT LEAST a large, but if I want the band to be fitted around and not loose, I need a small. It’s just a lose lose situation! As you can see, bra shopping is just a disaster. Oh, I almost forgot to mention- I almost exclusively wear sports bras unless I’m forced to wear a real bra under a dress to a wedding or an event.

So I’ve been wanting to write this post for like ever, but have been too scared to do it alone. That’s why I love my team! They didn’t hesitate for a second after I asked them to do a shoot with me in just bras and to talk about their boobs and their favorite sports bras. Turns out, we all really love Lululemon’s bras. No, this isn’t sponsored…it’s genuinely what we love and wear every day. We all have such different body types and boob sizes, so this should shed some light on “girls” of all sizes! Check it —> 

Boobs and bras - sports bras we recommend for all sizes!

Lee’s Fav – Energy Bra – Lululemon

5’8″ – 34DD – athletic build, giant rack.

God bless the person who designed the Energy Bra. At $52.00 a pop, this bra is worth EVERY penny. It’s fuller coverage, super comfortable, and hands down the best bra I’ve ever tried on. I have this bra in 8+ colors (not even joking) because like I mentioned above, I RARELY wear real bras. If I’m out shopping and the shirt doesn’t work with the energy bra, I likely won’t buy it. In this particular bra I do have to go up a size. I’m a 6 in tops at Lulu, but an 8 in this bra. I could make the 6 work, I just can’t breathe :P One of the reasons why I love the energy bra is because the racerback straps are actually long enough and the cup size actually covers my nipples. You might LOL but a lot of sports bras (most sports bras) aren’t built for girls with ta tas. They always seem to not have enough coverage…even in sizes M, L, and XL. This bra comes with removable cups and the first thing I do is REMOVE THEM. I don’t need any more boobage. 

Boobs and bras - sports bras we recommend for all sizes!

Linley’s Fav – Energy Bra – Lululemon

5’3″ – 32C – petite with plump knockers

Friends! @linleyshands here to talk a little bit about @linleysboobs. At 5 foot 3 inches, you’d think I’d have a healthy A cup or maybe a B. Welp, for as long as I can remember I’ve been supporting a healthy 32C (thanks mom) . Yep, and when Aunt Flow is visiting (my period) I am an easy D-cup. I seriously have the hardest time finding normal bras that fit around my waist comfortably, while holding my boobs up and tight. When you’re a part of Team Fit Foodie you are moving a mile a minute and usually doing something pretty active, so it’s nice to have the girls under control. Before I discovered Lululemon’s energy bra, I was wearing two or three sports bras to support my running habit. HOWEVER, then my world was changed when Lululemon came a-knockin’. They no-longer make the bra I’m wearing in the photo, but the closest thing they have to it now would be the Energy Bra. Comfortable, no tugging, minimal bouncing. @linleysboobs are very happy. 

Boobs and bras - sports bras we recommend for all sizes!

Emily’s Fav –Free To Be and Free To Be (Wild) Bras – Lululemon

5’8″ – 32B – string bean bod with normal tits

Unlike my fellow #TeamFitFoodie ladies, it doesn’t take much to keep these tatas in check! I love the Free To Be and Free To Be (Wild) bra from Lululemon because it’s super comfortable and doesn’t make my B-cups feel strapped in to my chest (hate that too tight, can’t breathe feeling!). Even though this bra is designed for yoga, it’s still my go-to for everything from vinyasa to a long run to Alchemy’s A20 to a Switch circuit. PLUS, much like Lee, I prefer to be in a sports bra even when I’m not working out, and this strappy number doubles as a fun addition to a tank top or off the shoulder tee. Which is exactly why I own the Free To Be in 6 different colors. Because when you find that bra you LOVE, wear it as much as possible, people. 

Boobs and bras - sports bras we recommend for all sizes!

Last but not least. I NEED YOUR HELP! I’ve mentioned this in a few of my other recent posts, but Monique and I are planning some big things for Sweat Series in the coming months…like BIG. If you could take 5 minutes out of your day and answer a few questions for us, that would be amazing! We’re giving away a box of RX Bars! 


Thank you!!! 

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