Lower Body Booty Blast Countdown + #HGCRetreat

Gah!! There are so many fun things I want to talk to you about in today’s post. First of all, just a few weeks ago marked our 1 year anniversary of the Healthy Glow Co. How it’s already been a full year blows my mind. In just one year we developed and released 2 meal plans, 2 fitness plans, and are continuing to build a thriving online-based wellness community for thousands of women. I am so grateful to have such a kick-ass team of gals who have really made this brand come to life in just one year. Mostly, I am proud to be a part of such an amazing community of supportive and vulnerable women in the HGC community. All the feels.

Second, we (HGC) hosted our first #HGCRetreat and it was magical. If you follow me on Instagram, you basically got to come with me to Boulder, CO to experience this day of wellness and self-care. There is something really special about meeting like-minded women that you know online, offline. I want to give a GIANT thank you to all of our amazing brand partners (Kite Hill, Purely Elizabeth, Lorissa’s Kitchen, Under Armour, Blue Diamond, and Mud Facial Bar Boulder) who made that day possible, and for all of the women to showed up and spent the day with us. We will be writing a full recap on the Healthy Glow blog, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite photos from the day. Scroll all the way down in this post, to see!

Third, the day we hosted the retreat, is the day we launched HGC’s second fitness plan, HGG STRONG. Last week I spewed my heart out about why I lift and how strength training changed my life for the better.Today, I am sharing one of the workouts from HGG Strong and I can’t wait for you to try it!

Rock your lower body with this HARDCORE Lower Body Booty Blast Countdown from Healthy Glow Co.’s new HGG STRONG Program.

Lower Body Booty Blast Countdown

Description: Complete each exercise for 10 repetitions, then complete each exercise for 9 repetitions. Repeat all the way down to 1 repetition for time (e.g. 10, 9, 8….1).

Equipment: Two moderate to heavy dumbbells and exercise ball

  • Hamstring Curls with Ball
    • Lay on your back with your legs out long and the soles of your feet on a ball.
    • Lift your hips up high and bend your knees as you drag the ball in towards your glutes. Straighten your legs and repeat.
  • Pistol Squats with Chair or Ball (per side)
    • Start sitting on a ball or chair. Bring your right foot straight out in front of you on the floor with your heel lifted. Bring your left leg in close with your knee bent.
    • Push all your weight into your left leg and stand up. If this is easy, lift your right foot and keep your leg straight as you use only your left leg to get up. Repeat per side.
  • Weighted Alternating Backward Lunges (per side)
    • Start with your feet together and weights in hands.
    • Take a large step backward with your right leg. Bend into both your front and back leg then push yourself forward to your standing position. Repeat per side.
  • Lateral Ski Jumps (per side)
    • Begin in a neutral standing position with your feet shoulder-width distance apart and your toes facing forward.
    • Leap to the right and bring your left foot back behind you.
    • Leap to the left and bring your right foot behind you. Continue at a challenging pace.
  • Single Leg Hip Thrusters (per side)
    • Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
    • Lift one leg high then lift your hips up and down. Make sure to engage your glutes and core.
  • Leg Lift Reverse Crunch
    • Lay on your back with your legs out straight. Squeeze your legs together and lift your legs up so that you create a 45-degree angle.
    • At the top, lift your toes towards the sky and then control all the way back down. Repeat.
  • Bicycle Crunches (per side)
    • Lay on your back with your legs out long. Lightly touch your fingertips behind your head letting your elbows go wide.
    • Look up towards the sky, lift your shoulder blades off the floor and bring your right leg in.
    • Reach your left elbow to your right knee then switch legs. Repeat.
  • Tuck Jumps
    • Start in a squat position. Load with your legs and arms, swinging them back and bending your knees.
    • Jump high and tuck your knees into your chest. Land softly on the balls of your feet then repeat.


  • 6 weeks of programming with 18 brand new workouts designed by a personal trainer
  • Balanced strength and cardio focus
  • Targeted total body exercises that can be completed in 45 minutes or less, designed to hit your upper body, lower body and core
  • Modifications for both beginner and advanced participants
  • Written descriptions, photo and video demonstrations of every move
  • Customizable experience or done-for-you 3 and 5-day a week workout calendars
  • Pre- and post-workout snack guide with new recipes available during the 1-week launch


For the next 48 hours, use the code: FITFOODIE10 to get $10 off! Grab your copy here.

Okay and now…check out these scenes from the HGC Retreat!

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