Meanstagrams…you’re gonna wanna watch this.

The Internet is a crazy place sometimes. We have gathered some of the most outrageous comments that people have left on our Instagram, on the blog, or on Facebook. Yes, people say mean things all the time and we decided to turn lemons into lemonade. Check out the first edition of MEANSTAGRAMS.

Have you ever read an article on your favorite website or blog and been so moved that you wanted to leave a comment to let the author know your opinion on what they wrote? Good for you! We are all about communication, praise, and even constructive criticism on Team Fit Foodie. We receive comments on the blog praising our recipes or even giving us their opinion on what ingredients we use and how we could improve. We are all for it!

There are also many individuals that leave mean comments on all of our platforms. This post was born after we spent the afternoon reading just plain old mean comments from multiple people. Honestly, the first time you read a mean comment it stings a little. Then, we take a step back and remember that life is too short to let negativity ruin our day. So, we generally laugh…..a lot after we read the comment over and over again. Whether someone hates a recipe so much that they make threats or if they don’t like our political view, the words they find to express themselves are truly out of this world.

We decided to turn lemons into lemonade and read all of our favorite mean comments with all of YOU. Check out our Meanstagrams video and then some of our other favorite videos below!

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