Vegetarian Brown Rice Bowl + Blog Post Schedule Organization

This vegetarian brown rice bowl is packed with superfoods and an easy meal prep idea to make a week’s worth of lunches! 

Vegetarian Brown Rice Bowl with roasted veggies, hummus, hemp seeds, and sprouts!

As a food blogger, I get asked quite often what I eat in a day’s worth of work. 

Yeah…. about that. Most of the time I am eating what I’m cookin’ for FFF (and yes that could mean a Double Chocolate Paleo Brownie…or 2 for lunch). One thing I do know, is that if I have something prepped…I will eat it. 

That’s why I really do try and take the time to prep a whole bunch of roasted veggies, a whole grain, and sometimes chicken breasts or another meat if we have time to grill on the weekend! … 

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15 Healthy Quinoa Casserole Recipes

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been scavenging Pinterest for any sort of healthy casserole to make. Yah throw everything in one dish, pop it in the oven/crock-pot, and wait for deliciousness to bake before your eyes. Then you have food for days. Yup. If I were a food…I’d be a quinoa casserole, no questions… 

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Grain-Free Maple Chocolate Chip Biscotti + More Healthy Fall Treats #glutenfree #dairyfree #grainfree #paleo

Grain Free Biscotti- Maple Chocolate Chip + More Healthy Fall Treats

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be teaming up with 3 of my favorite bloggers again for a collaboration of Healthy Fall Treats! All recipes in this post are gluten-free, refined-sugar free, dairy-free, and grain-free (paleo-friendly).  Every other monthish Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, The Healthy Maven, Nosh and Nourish, and I like to pull together… 

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Caprese Stuffed Chicken Breasts #healthy

Caprese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

These caprese stuffed chicken breasts are an easy, healthy dinner needing only a few ingredients! Let me break it down for you. Mozzarella + Sun Dried Tomato + Basil + Chicken Breast = Amazingness.  Plus- they look pretty too. 

Pumpkin Berry Cashew Butter Smoothie #healthy #recipe

Pumpkin Berry Cashew Butter Smoothie

This Pumpkin Berry Cashew Butter Smoothie combines delicious fall flavors making a yummy superfood-filled breakfast or snack!  And that moment when…. you have like 2 scoops of pumpkin puree left in the can and you don’t want to throw it away. What do you do? THROW IT IN A SMOOTHIE!!!!

No-Equipment Tabata HIIT Workout - 25 minutes long, hundreds of calories torched! #workout #fitness

No-Equipment Tabata HIIT Workout (lower body)

Owwwwwwwieeeee. = waking up the day after leg day. Today’s workout is an at-home workout (it can be done in the gym too!) that focuses on lower body, cardio, and high intensity interval training. I am ALLLL about no-equipment HIIT/tabata workouts. My yoga sculpt class has a lot of HIIT segments weaved into it because… 

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Single Serve Maple Pistachio Cinnamon Roll

This delicious, single serve cinnamon roll is gluten-free and vegan, filled with flavor, and made in less than 2 minutes! Soooo I just started book three of 50 Shades of Grey. GAHHHHHH! I listened to book 1 while at Mountain Trek, finished Book 2 a few weekends ago in Kansas, and just started numero tres. It’s… 

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