Sea Salt and Vinegar Hard-Boiled Eggs

These Sea Salt and Vinegar Hard-Boiled Eggs are the perfect high protein snack to bring along with you to work or class. Make a batch at the beginning of the week and have a healthy choice on hand for the next 5 days! 

Sea Salt and Vinegar Hard-Boiled Eggs #healthy #recipe

To this day I am amazed at what farm eggs look like. I love that they come in all shapes and sizes. Some have speckles (my fav) and the colors vary so much!  They really are THE BEST EGGS, especially for hard-boiling!

One of our favorite snacks in this household is hard-boiled eggs. Thank goodness for the fact that Blake’s dad has a chicken coop. We pretty much have an unlimited supply of farm fresh Kansas goodness in this house! … 

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The 20's Cardio Warm-Up

The 20’s Cardio Warm-Up

This warm-up is for all of the treadmill/cardio machine haters out there. Or for those that don’t have time to make it to the gym. Or for the peeps that don’t have access to machines at home. Or for travel bunnies, can you say hotel warm up?!  A warmup fit for all, is what it is!  I call… 

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Single-Serve Peanut Butter Muffin 2 Ways

So the entire time I was making this recipe this was going through my head on repeat: “Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time…”


Muenster, Apple, and Maple Bourbon Bacon Grilled Cheese

This post is sponsored by Pure Canadian Maple Syrup. I was compensated, but all opinions are 100% my own.  Hey grownups, do you eat grilled cheese? Uhhh- you should!  My friends at Pure Canadian Maple sent me a giant package with lots of maple syrup involved and I knew what I wanted my first recipe… 

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Creamy Strawberry Chia Smoothie #glutenfree #recipe

Creamy Strawberry Chia Smoothie

Frozen fruit is the one thing Blake and I hoard in our freezer. We live in a 1200 square foot condo, so hoarding anything is quite difficult. But frozen fruit. WE GOT IT! When in doubt, make a smoothie. Because smoothies make the world go round. Like this Creamy Strawberry Chia Smoothie. It’s…. Slightly tangy… 

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Crock-Pot Three Bean Turkey Chili Baked Potatoes

FUN FACT- My Dad used to call me spud as a kid. As a family, we had a favorite restaurant in town (New Berlin Family Restaurant <— I grew up in New Berlin, WI) and I would order (I kid you not): A Baked Potato Hash Browns And steal my sisters fries I am thinking about… 

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Shoe String Sweet Potatoes with Sea Salt

I have a huge confession to make. This post has been sitting in my drafts for at least a month and a half. It’s one of those things where it’s SO easy to make and calls for SO little ingredients that I thought sharing it would just be stupid. But then I realized this was one… 

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