The Booty Builder Plyometric Workout

Looking for the perfect lower body workout that incorporates strength training and plyometrics? Try this Booty Builder Workout today!

Booty Builder

Equipment Needed: Chair/bench and medium-weight dumbbells

Warm Up: walk or jog and/or active dynamic stretching {high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, air squats with arms reaching overhead}.

Description: Do 2 sets of each exercise and rest 30-60 seconds in between.


15 Sumo Squat + Calf Raise

  1. Start in a wide sumo squat stance, feet wider than hip width distance, heels in and toes out.
  2. With weight in your heels, chest lifted perform a squat; pushing your hips back and keeping your chest lifted. Holding two dumbbells in front of you, palms in, or one dumbbell at your chest.
  3. Once at the bottom, press back up into standing position, squeezing your glutes and hamstrings and engaging your inner thighs as you stand, and coming onto your toes for a calf raise at the top.
  4. Lower your heels and return to starting position.
  5. Repeat full, continuous motion for number of reps listed.

20 Sumo Prayer Jumps

  1. Start in a wide sumo squat stance, feet wider than hip width distance, heels in and toes out.
  2. Press hands together in front of your chest in a prayer position.
  3. With weight in your heels, chest lifted perform a squat, pressing your hips down and back.
  4. Then explode through the bottom of your feet to jump straight up as high as you can.
  5. Land softly in a squat position. That is one rep. Repeat for the number of reps listed.

15 Single Leg Bulgarian Lunges (on each side)

  1. Stand in front of chair or bench and with a 90 degree bend in your knee, rest the top of your right foot on the bench/chair behind you.
  2. Hold your hands comfortably at your sides or bent in front of your chest
  3. Lower your body until your rear knee nearly touches the floor and your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  4. Push up through your standing left foot and come to starting lunge position
  5. Repeat reps on one leg, before switching back legs

10 Plyo Lunges (on each side)

  1. Stand with your left foot in front of you and point both feet forward. Lunge down while leaning your torso forward slightly without rounding your spine.
  2. Exhale and jump straight up, swinging your arms over your head and extending your torso. Land gently on the ground in the same position as you had started and repeat the jump as fast as you can for desired reps.
  3. Switch legs after each set.

15 Lying Down Hamstring Curls

  1. Start lying face down on your stomach legs and feet zipped together.
  2. Place a dumbbell between your feet and squeeze.
  3. Slowly raise and lower your heels to your butt contracting your hamstrings with each rep

20 Turkish Rollups

  1. Begin standing with the arms extended overhead.
  2. Bend the knees and, in a controlled motion, lower your tush all the way to the floor.
  3. Roll onto your back, drawing your knees toward your face.
  4. Use momentum to kick forward, landing on the feet.
  5. Rise to stand, and do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can. Remember to keep your elbows bent and palms off the floor while you rise so you’re using your core muscles and not your hands to help you get up.

10 Chair or Bench Step-up + Reverse Lunge (on each side)

  1. Stand on a step 
or box about mid-shin height. This 
will give you that range of motion we were talking about.
  2. Hold dumbbells in both hands at your sides
  3. Step back off the box with 
your right leg.
  4. Sink into the lunge – without wobbling.
  5. When you knee nears the ground, push through your front heel to reverse.
  6. Perform all reps on right leg, switch legs on second set.

20 Chair Jumps

  1. Start in neutral standing position facing the chair.
  2. Slightly squat down and explode up onto the chair swinging your arms upward to propel forward.
  3. Land on both feet lightly, and jump back down to the ground.
  4. Repeat for desired reps.

Bonus Burnout – AMRAP Dumbbell Rocket Squats

  1. Begin standing with your feet hip-width distance apart holding two light/medium dumbbells.
  2. As you inhale, lower down into a squat, keeping the weight in your heels.
  3. On the exhale, jump up keeping your chest up and back flat.
  4. Land softly back down in a squat and repeat for 1 minute.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime. While Lee from Fit Foodie Finds and Monique from Ambitious Kitchen worked with a professional trainer to design the Summer Sweat Series exercise program, you are participating at your own risk. Please listen to your body and modify as needed.

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